I chose chicken over fries
Tea over soda
choco bar over ice cream bar

Day 2 is harder than I thought.  But I am successful in drinking 8 glasses of water.  However, I could not say no to chicken from Wendy's with rice.

I tried taking an oblong multivitamin tablet this morning, but I could not swallow it.  It just stayed on my tongue.  I could taste the sweet coat of the tablet.  I decided to spit it out instead of try to swallow it again.  Because of this, I decided to just buy a round tablet vitamins with film coated multivitamins.

I had a banana for dessert this lunch. I had riceand some chicken dish but somehow, I am not yet full.  I still looked for some snacks to fill my stomach.

Stress from work and school is here.  I hope to defeat stress eating.    Any tips on how to do this?  Thanks so much.  :)


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