Time to Move On

It's been 6 years.  A lot happened--bitter and sweet.  It's time for me to move on.  In those 6 years and few readers, I'd like to say thank you for the nice people who share their thoughts and comments.

I'm not really saying goodbye.  I'm just moving HERE.


God showered me with His love this week.  I was able to see and experiences places I never thought possible.  But He is kind.  And He loves me.

I enjoyed new food and and engaged in my most favorite activity--walking.  I guess that was why I kept my weight intact because I had to do lots of walking.

People showed me kindness unexpectedly.  Thank you God for giving me such wonderful people.  Their kindness mean a lot to me.

Stress Eating

It took me several months to finally type "stress eating" on Google's search box.  I succumbed to overeating just because I am stressed.  Food has been my ally when I'm deprived of sleep and when I have a lot to do.

I think I'll be able to handle stress eating now.


I chose chicken over fries
Tea over soda
choco bar over ice cream bar

Day 2 is harder than I thought.  But I am successful in drinking 8 glasses of water.  However, I could not say no to chicken from Wendy's with rice.

I tried taking an oblong multivitamin tablet this morning, but I could not swallow it.  It just stayed on my tongue.  I could taste the sweet coat of the tablet.  I decided to spit it out instead of try to swallow it again.  Because of this, I decided to just buy a round tablet vitamins with film coated multivitamins.

I had a banana for dessert this lunch. I had riceand some chicken dish but somehow, I am not yet full.  I still looked for some snacks to fill my stomach.

Stress from work and school is here.  I hope to defeat stress eating.    Any tips on how to do this?  Thanks so much.  :)


I finally bought the Yeah journal because I've seen them packed neatly in another branch last night.

Day 2 is here.  The day is still early but so far I've drank 2 glasses of water :)

I ate a not so healthy breakfast today.  I'm not proud of it but I can still keep up.  I'll eat healthy lunch to make up. :)


8 glasses of water today!  Very good Jassy :)

The hardest part, for me, in every habit is the first day.  It takes discipline and determination to be successful.  Now, the first day is through and I can go on to day 2.  According to my officemate it takes 40 days to create a habit.  But I also read that it takes 21 days to create a habit.  I'm gonna try the 21 days first then 40 days.

Lunch I ate the Century Bangus Spanish Fillet Style.  I also had 1 cup of rice and a banana.  I also had 2 wafer sandwich from Nissin so I could drink water.  Somehow, the sour taste of banana could not encourage me to drink more water.
Dinner, I had some white bread, mashed potato from KFC and chicken thigh without skin and 16oz iced tea.

Speaking of KFC, I saw on the telly last night this beach volleyball competition and I saw the logo of KFC, but instead of "F" it's with a "G"--KGC.  Does it stand for Kentucky Grilled Chicken?  Wow, America is really becoming healthier!

Back to My Routine

My breakfast has been healthy.

1 boiled egg
1 medium banana
1 Multivitamin
Glass of water so far : 4 glasses


Good morning!

According to Food Inc., the price of healthy foods in America is higher than the not-so-healthy food.  But in the Philippines, the price of healthier food is cheaper compared to the "fast food".  However, care should be taken because of the rampant typhoid cases in the country.

One should know where to look for this healthy, affordable meals. :)

For the Holidays

The holidays are here again.  Filipinos start decorating homes with Christmas decor as early as September.  Holidays mean food and that means weight gain.  As early as now, I have to think how I would avoid gaining weight this Christmas season.

My plan is to collect recipes to prepare this Christmas.  Do you have any suggestions?  I might go to your blogs and look for archives during Christmas.

I'm thinking of healthy pasta, white meats, veggies and fruits. :)

Starting Small

I read an article from sparkpeople.com and I want to try some of the tips there particularly:

  1. Drink 8 glasses of water
  2. Eat 2 veggies
  3. Eat 2 fruits
  4. Eat 2 complex carbs
  5. Write in a journal
  6. Take a walk
  7. Put up motivating pictures
  8. Gather motivating music

Lifestyle Change

What's so hard to understand about lifestyle change that I find myself reverting to old ways?  I need to trace my step back and go back to the day I decided to be healthy.

My pants are getting tighter again.  I don't want to step on the scale to see how much I've gained.  I'm just gonna be anxious.  It's better not to look at it.

I have to rethink about the food that I've been eating these past few months.  Yesterday I ate chocolate chip scones; two of those from French baker.  And then some orange juice.  Then burger, fries and Hi-C apple from Burger King.  And then ciocolato from Caramia--that's an ice cream.  Then Spaghetti and fries and iced tea.  Then rice, luncheon meat, fried egg, noodles with egg, and a banana for dinner.  Been eating a lot.

Today, I still haven't had my breakfast but I'm thinking of bread so that's carbohydrate.  I'm still doing the laundry and typing away that's why.

Living a healthy life is fun and good. :)


I seriously need to lose the 10 pounds to finally get my goal weight.  But somehow I always convince myself to eat more than the calories I should be getting.  I need to go back to the very first day that i decided to be slimmer.

This week, chicken has been part of my daily staple.  I also had several iced teas and choco sandwich.  This week, there are also several meetings to attend to and meeting means food.  And the food they served were too hard to resist.  Delicious food, I'm telling you--well delicious for me.  The likes of prune bars, pasta and chicken!!!

I want to go back to eating banana, boiled egg, a little iced tea that tastes more like water, mashed potato, chicken, and crackers.

I want my well-toned abs in lets say 3 months?

On to another topic, I looked at food bloggers' posts and most of them have dogs.  Their dogs look adorable.    These dogs make me want to have my own adorable dog.  But we have a dog here in the dorm.  Since he isn't barking at me everytime he sees me, I'm thinking of getting him presents :)


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