The Story

I’m just in 6th grade when I started gaining weight.  From then on, “chubby” has been a constant part of my description.  Donuts, muffins, and other pastries have been my friends.  I love them to bits.  And they love me, too.  They never leave my viscera.  Like a lifevest inside my body.
Stress has been a great tool for losing weight.  I learned that when I was 16.  Without any effort, I lost a lot of weight.  But when I was 19, I started gaining weight again.  And from then I have a fluctuating weight.  I would either lose or gain weight.
When I started working, I tried to go on a diet.   But still, stress has been the tool for me.  Until a room mate told me about this certain Chinese pill that can be bought on a Chinese drugstore.  I tried it and nearly passed out.  I would often visit the comfort room.  No matter where I was.  It was such a hassle.  I was dehydrated.  Good thing I was kinda resistant to stress that was why I was still able to go home.  From then on, I promised myself that I would never again tried to take any weight loss pill.
One year later, my good friend introduced me to calorie counting.  It was effective for me.  But I was forced to stop it because I felt like I needed all the nutrients I could get for my further studies.  I felt like I was starving myself that time.
My biggest was several months ago.   See the picture above.  I was the one wearing a brown blouse.
Anyway, two years later, here I am.  I decided to try this again.  So far I have lost 16 pounds already.  I know long term calorie counting is not ideal especially when maintaining weight.  That is why I am now reading blogs from all over America, Europe, Australia–reading tips and food groups–healthy food choices.


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