It's been a while since I posted somehting here.  Agian, I have been busy.  I could not even read other blogs and give comments.

For the past few days I've been obsessed with perfumes, and mobile phones.  For the perfume, I saw online Singapore perfumes and there is  a supplier in the Philippines and I ordered 212 Carolina Herrera and Incanto Shine.  The smell does not stay long but the smell is the same with the US Perfumes.

But given the chance, I'd really like to have Estee Lauder's Pleasures Exotic and Morgan Love de Toi.  Benetton's Pure Sport for Women is available here already and I can have that because there are several suppliers willing to give it a a much lower price compare to malls.  I just love the fruity floral scent! :)

What about you?  What's your favorite perfume. :)


Rebond is a chemical hair treatment that makes your hair straight, sleek and shiny.

I've chosen my hair to be rebonded.  It took 6 hours for the whole process.  I also had my hair cut--it's on the short side but I want to have a short hair I just don't have the guts to go through with it.

Breakfast is the only worthy food I have eaten and dinner but I don't have pics of dinner.  Breakfast is composed of omelette, chami (chinese egg and flour noodle), and banana.  I was not able to finish the whole banana because it's too sweet.

Lunch was roasted chicken and rice mostly.

Dinner was tilapia and rice with soy sauce with tomatoes and onions.

I was happy because I was able to jog this morning.

I just got to have this pic taken.  Meet Precious, my cute niece.  She's very active and playful and very talkative at this stage.  You have to learn how to interpret what she's trying to tell you.  You get used to it. :)

This is my new hairdo...I used to have an unruly, thick, greyed hair.  It used to be long also.  But the practical me won.  I wanted to have my hair rebonded but I have no choice but to tie my hair in a pony tail whenever I get to jog and that would be bad for the rebonded hair.  Therefore, i decided to just have my hair cut short and have it rebonded.  It's a win-win situation.

I'm a bit exhausted.  Gotta take a nap before working.  Laters! :)

My Room

Hello world!!!

I spent the night in my own room.  Usually I sleep beside my Mom in her room but last night, since we already have a house help, I was evicted to my own room.  I'm not used to sleeping alone.  Why?  I shared the dorm room with 6 ladies or more.  I was able to sleep at 3 am because of music and reflections on certain news that make me think about life, love, and work.

That's my pink room, the work I brought home, and me who just woke up! :)

I plan to jog today.  I'll post again later :)

Healthy Friday

What a day!  In my previous post, I was thinking of what to substitute my off-calorie counting friday.  I decided on HEALTHY FRIDAY.  Today is supposed to be the start of my health friday.  But healthy friday my ass...I was so busy, healthy eating was so far fetched because of time constraint.

This is quite a long post.  Ready? :) Breakfast was consisted of Nutella, crackers, iced tea, half slice of chiffon cake.  I was feeling full after eating the chiffon cake.  I felt full but I was not satisfied--guilt of overeating creeping in.

Then I had to work fast because I needed to be some place else in the afternoon.

Lunch, I bought some "biko" because of the "latik" but the taste was disappointing.  I decided to just give them away.  It would have been my lunch but I went with my officemates to Wendy's and I ordered Spicy Chicken Fillet combo.  I was full by the time I finished my meal.  Full but not satisfied..  We ate at the van while going to the symposium at a nearby hospital.  When we reached the symposium, we discovered that there was Burger King inside that hospital.  Cool!  That hospital is so different from the hospital I'm working in.  Their elevator is also high end.  It looks like some fancy hotel.  It would be nice to work in a place like that.

Anyway, they served snacks at the symposium.  Lasagna, some bread, chicken fillet with fish fillet sauce.  That was why we were confused if what we were eating was chicken or fish.  Once again, I felt full but not satisfied.

Regarding the symposium, I am glad to know that there on-going positive projects that will uplift our profession in the country.  Kudos to UK for helping our country.

The symposium ended earlier than expected.  The loneliness I was feeling all day increased.  E was absent at work today because he was not feeling well that was why I was feeling lonely.  Alone on a friday sometimes suck.

I could not think of any activity that will take my mind off what I was feeling.  I didn't want to eat anymore because I was feeling so full that my stomach grew an inch I guess.  There was no good movie to watch.  I didn't bring any workout clothes.  I was lonely.  It was a first after a very long time.  I was not familiar with it anymore.

Out of loneliness and indecisiveness, I went to meet my mentor.  It was embarrassing to go there without anything relevant to say.  What was I thinking?  It was so frustrating.  And also, I was supposed to go out with this group, but I somehow sensed reluctance from one of them--making me feel rejected.  That was why I chose to go to my mentor instead.  Thus, the stupid idea.

Loneliness.  I would have tried to avoid this today.  But then again, I realized something.  Yes, it's been a while since I was lonely.  But loneliness is good every once in a while.  Because it forces me to think about what I really want.  Of what I should continue doing, of what I should be do something about, of what I really want in life, of  what will make me happy--in the future and right this very moment.  Loneliness will make me stronger.

Take a deep breath and suck it up.  It will be over soon.  I will feel better any moment now.

My feet led me to the nearby mall to look for clothes, bags, and other stuff.  I saw this charming blouse and some pants on sale.  I tried them on.  Unfortunately, they didn't look good on me.

This led me to a realization about shopping.  I seldom shop by the way.  Most of my money are spent on food.   When shopping in a department store, always choose the clothes that you love.  Check the availability on your size.  Try it on, if it looks good on you, then buy it.  Price tag is the last thing that you should look for.  Feeling good with what you wear is better than choosing clothes that are cheap but do not make you feel good.  More often than not, you can always afford the price of those clothes.

With my body type, not all clothes suit me.  It's hard to find clothes that make me feel good.  And when I find these clothes, then I should just buy it whenever I can because I don't have that many clothes I really love to wear.

My feet also led me to pen (more on pen refill) hunting.  I wanted to buy a Parker pen but the bookstore only have refills for Cross pens.  I'd just buy at other bookstore branches.  But I did bought other pens.  I also looked for bond papers.  But I have to be sure about the paper quality.  I have pen and paper fetish.  Seeing all those pens and papers did uplift my mood.

I went to the dorm feeling much better and thinking of other ways to improve my appearnace.  Which is better--rebond or perm?  What do you think?

Wednesday Activities

Workdays mean "diet" days.  I find it easy to control the food I eat on a work day because I'm generally like a robot at work--with all the stuff I have to accomplish.  I used to jog and dance whenever I would opt not to count calories for the day but since I'm really busy even on my off duties, these past few days, I don't get to do that.  Since today is a work day, I had my usual breakfast--iced tea and crackers.  Iced tea is my coffee.  A lot of my officemates find it weird.  They are into hot drinks (hot coffee/hot choco) in the morning while I'm into iced tea (the more ice the better).

Lunch, I was craving for the chicken dish I had yesterday at Rodic's stall.  I was hoping they had the same dish this lunch or that they had any chicken dish prepared but they disappointed my stomach...:( I just decided to hit the nearby mall and looked for lunch there.  Unfortunately, the chicken dish craving was still on my mind and so upon seeing cracked pan de sal at French Baker I bought 2 rolls and an iced tea and agreed to call that my lunch.  As long as there's iced tea then I'm okay.

By the time I was to have dinner, my stomach was already growling.  But I knew that I could take the hunger pang because I know that I can eat anytime.  I still have some calories left to consume.  After a while, E and I were at the nearby mall and was already eating at Jollibee.  I had chicken barbecue and spaghetti and an iced tea (again...) and E had fried chicken with rice and soda.

I know we're not the healthiest eaters but change does not happen overnight especially when it comes to my eating habits.  But there are some improvements with my habits I'm telling you...:)

I realized that I automatically remove chicken skin and just eat the meat.  Better right? :)  I also did my grocery shopping a while ago and I bought apples!  I was craving for granola bars but HFCS was included in the ingredient of my preferred brand that was why I decided not to purchase those addicting granola bars.

Anyway, I'm having pain in my gut right now maybe because I don't drink as much water these past few days.  I better listen to my body.

Friday Gimmick

I just want to share this pic from last Friday's gimmick.  I went out with my housemates.  My body was already screaming SLEEP that time but I still decided to go because I made a commitment.  By 2 am on Saturday, we were still out and my eyeballs wanted to pop out of the socket--that was how it felt.  I nearly threw up.  As soon as we reached the dorm, I changed clothes immediately and slept.  Diet + lack of sleep + lack of water + stress = sick Jassy.  But I feel better now.  Still with lots of work to be done this week but at least I know that I'll be able to do it all this week. :)

Going back to the picture, I just discovered panorama function on my camera phone just last Friday.  I was happy and excited to try it on other subjects like me and E.

Today, I have crackers and iced tea for breakfast.  2 medium bananas for lunch.  My stomach is grumbling as I type this, but I think I can still handle it.  A few more hours and E will be here and we can have dinner then.

Funny thing happened today.  I was home in Lipa City this morning.  I woke up early so I could catch the early bus to Manila.  I arrived in Manila an hour earlier than my official work hour.  I did my usual routine before going to work.  When I arrived at the office, I did my usual morning routine before doing my work.  Good thing I decided to look at our schedule to see who were on duty today.  I was surprised to see that I was supposed to be off-duty today.  I was relieved and felt kinda silly for not checking the schedule last Friday.  It was a blessing in disguise though because I still had a lot of school work to finish.  I decided to just take the day off and do my assignments.

Oh Wow

The busy-ness doesn't stop yet.  I thought I would be able to do all the reports for this week but I am not able to.  Wow!

I'm feeling much better now--colds-wise.  But I still has a lot to do.  I want to post about last Friday's night out.  I took some pictures on my phone.  One of these days. after the "toxicities", I'll share it with you.

Human Body

Last Tuesday I realized that I am just human.  I thought the antioxidants I'm taking were so effective that I never got sick--but last Tuesday, my body gave in to colds.  My body is sore and my throat is dry and itchy.  I shivered and could not read or write about anything.  I really needed to sleep to rest for 8 hours but with the work I must finish, I was lucky to get 5 or 6 hours.

I've been a bad eater, too.  I should be loading up on fruits--vitamin C overload but instead and since I can't really think of anything to eat that would not stress me out, I opted for iced tea and crackers.

Anyway, I was able to eat a banana and egg last Tuesday, yesterday, I was introduced to beef gyro from Volare.  My sandwich was composed of lettuce, tomato, onion, and roasted beef, with olive oil.  I was surprised to learn that it was around 300 to 500 Calories a sandwich!!!  I thought that it was just around 140 but that was okay because I enjoyed my sandwich!!!

On to better news, I was feeling better now as compared last night.  With a little more rest and I'll be well.

My dinner tonight was Chicken Gone Wild from Naked Juice Bar--what do you expect?  Hehe...

E and I realized a while ago after dinner that days go by so quickly.  It's gonna be Friday tomorrow.  I was able to conquer four days of my personal eating program.  I have to give myself a pat on the back.  I can do this.  One day at a time or even one meal at a time during those tempting moments.

Hopefully next week I can go back to jogging.  I love jogging even if it's just jogging in place. :)

How do you prefer to spend your Fridays?  Others have cookie friday, chocolate friday, as for me, I used to have it as off calorie-counting friday but I want to change this and i'm still thinking what to replace it with.  Your suggestions are appreciated. :)

Tuesday Love

I'm a carbohydrate lover and so it shouldn't be a surprise for me to be enticed by the "biko" (sticky rice cake) with "latik" that the local food stall was selling this morning.  I checked the web for the calories of this goodie and I was surprised that one slice is equivalent to 500+ Calories.  How could it be when 1 slice of biko without latik is just around 100 Calories?

Anyway, the latik added to the Calories.  But it is what makes a "biko" so good.  A "latik" is made up of coconut milk mixed with sugar.  If you know how to make syrup, then creating a more liquid "latik" should be easy.  For the recipe of "biko", check out this site.

For lunch, J and I went to the nearby mall and split a chicken sandwich in focacia bread with pesto mayo.  I also ordered my ever favorite iced tea.  Chicken Gone Wild by Naked Juice Bar is my favorite sandwich.  In fact, I eat this almost every dinner.
But today, I eat my Chicken Gone Wild Sandwich during lunch.  After work, I attended my graduate class and tried my very best to be awake.  I just had 4 hours of sleep because I really tried to finish the paper I was supposed to submit this afternoon.  I guess there are some things that we can't really cram.  That's a very good lesson learned.

Dinner, I could not resist chicken barbecue (sorry chicken's my favorite), rice, and a glass of iced tea.  I headed back to dorm satisfied.

Tomorrow, my goal is to eat one hard boiled egg, banana, and an apple. :)

***2nd image from here

Monday Travels

I usually go back to the metro on a sunday.  But yesterday I was lost in my own busy-ness that I decided I would just go back early this morning.  I was hoping I'd be able to finish my report last night but guess what, until now, I am still not able to finish it.  I'm keeping myself optimistic that I will finish it earlier...:)

Breakfast is the usual large iced tea--my version of coffee and crackers.  I know I'm not the healthiest girl in the world but they were available then and the grocery store was still closed to buy something like an apple or any fruit.

Lunch is also the same.  Two medium-sized pan de sal and a medium iced tea.  Maybe I have too much iced tea on my blood--my tongue is not enjoying it anymore.

Dinner is half of the pesto mayo chicken sandwich from Naked Juice Bar.  This sandwich is so delicious.

I am planning to eat MORE FRUITS tomorrow.  Hopefully, there are pictures, too! :)


I have decided to convert Jassy's World to Healthi-fied Jogger.  This will mostly be a food/fitness blog.  Jassy's World used to be anything under the sun, but now I would like to focus on health and wellness.  I used Wordpress before and HJ is still there but from now on I will be posting here.  I could not delete it because of the comments of nice people.

I like blogger because it can be customized.  It also has the PAGE section.  Plus, I love this template I've downloaded from bloggerstyle.com :)


I don't post much on this blog, but I do update this regularly.


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