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Malapit na.

Sunday Morning

Just finished going to church. This is the first time after a long time when I feel happy ad cheerful going to the nearest church in our place. I used to remember bitter memories, but now, bitter memories are gone. Instead, I kinda smelled colonel burger from the wind--KFC used to be just in front of our church and I used to feel excited because every sunday my mom would let me buy from KFC and colonel burger and iced tea were so affordable during those times. But now, there's no more KFC in front, it was replaced by a drug store and a computer shop.

I'm glad I'm okay now.


Since it's summer, it's hot and since it's hot, our AC gave up on the whole block. that is why we have to work in a very humid environment. Talking to sick patients, i was even forced to use a face mask to somehow protect myself from the patients who would cough in front of you. Eew!

Anyway, I'm taking this situation as a blessing because it gives me different reasons to make myself better.

It gives me the reason to drink gallons of water and juices. Right now my favorites are Tropicana Apple or Fit and right apple--basta apple. And also coke from McDo, and iced tea from Wendy's.

My body sweats which moisturises my skin.

And since I sweat a lot, I have a reason to use a deodorant for protection, and make-up for my face to lessen the oilyness.


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