Day 21 My Therapy

I love pens--ballpen, colored ballpens, markers, correction tapes...one of the main (though petty for some...) reason why I like my area of work now is because I use different pens--red, black or blue, and green. Also, correction tape is essential because it involves lots of writing--not just signing my name but writing medications and other stuff.

Love is the Answer

Some songs remind you of summer time
When things are great and sunny and yellow...
Some songs bring tears to your eyes
Some brings out anger hidden inside your core...

Heal me...
Make me understand...
Make me feel alright...

I want to be free

Day 20 Rose

Life is beautiful but sometimes thorny just like a rose. Can we not enjoy life without pain? Or maybe if there's no pain then people become numb that they're not aware of their surroundings anymore. Likewise with people who only experience pain. Am I being fortified?

Anyway, I'd keep posting my PAD here because I started it here.=)

Day 19 Bus Rides

I was on my way back to Manila when I took this. I wish for a car to drive from Manila to Lipa and vice versa...=)

Day 18 Looking at

My niece was looking this way as she was about to leave. There was no one here and it was a bit scary knowing that kids can saw beyond the naked eye. Hmp=)

Day 17 Table

I would like to capture some headphones I'm eyeing to have. Philips, urbanz, ear pollution but of course it depends on my budget and quality. Anyway, for now, this is my photo.=)

Day 16 Manila

I like this picture. It's nice to discover something out of my everyday life. I don't need to spend thousand of bucks to see something beautiful. Of course the picture is not as perfect as those who can really do photography, but still, I like the whole picture and the scene captured and not the image quality.

Day 15 Trustworthy

Trust is earned. But we should give people a chance right away to prove that they can indeed be trusted. But what if? It's better to be safe than sorry. But what the heck--I want new true friends.

Day 14 Room View

I've been looking at this view at night for 8 years now...not really but almost.

Day 13 Cool

It's very useful during summer, but since it's January, I even wake up in the morning and turn this off because it's already cold.


Day 12 My Bed Buddy

This frog was given by my friend. And ever since it's been lying on my bed. My constant companion when I sleep.

Day 11 My Planner

As much as possible, I try to do what I plan. But my favorite part is jotting down on my planner the events of my day. I hope to fill this with good memories--successes and happiness.

Day 10 My Niece

My niece was given a gift from one of her godmother. It was like lego toys but bigger...she shared it with 2 of the kids but being a kid, they have the tendency to fight over a toy. They are still childish. That's normal for kids their age, some would say. But maybe instilling in their young minds to be kind will make them kind--that's according to my observation.

Day 9 My Bag

If it's not my big black bag, it's this. My companion when I ride the bus going home. I have a picture in my mind while I was buying this and so far, it's far from reality. Anyway, I still have hope, summer is about to come=)

Day 8 Nuggets

This meal usually drowns my sorrow...my happy food=)

Day 7 Miss Black

Ongoing translation of Korean character to alphabet...these cookies are tasty--mini but tasty=)

Day 6 The spice

The first noodle I bought was not delicious, but this one...finally. It was spicy. But it's okay. Now I know what it tasted like=)

Day 5 Mouse Trick

This afternoon, I decided to encode my assignment for Monday. But the mouse on the computer I was about to use was missing. I put a different mouse but it did not work.

Luckily, I was able to guess the shortcut keys and I was able to print my assignment. Nice one=)

Day 4 My ship will come

I saw this while walking/jogging at Baywalk, Manila. I just needed the fresh cold air that is salty and sticky at the same time.

I will make my ship come.

Day 3 Myself

Do I look serious? This is my everyday appearance at work. Hair in ponytail, eyeglass, earrings and my scrub suit. Without any of these (at work), I feel bare well except for Friday when we are free to wear casual clothes as long as we're not doing the rounds.

Dream killer

How do you know that God loves you? How do you know that He's not out there to make you suffer? How do you know that He even care about you?

I know He's been good to me. But I just can't understand WHY...I just can't understand right now. I hope to understand WHY...and I hope that something GREAT will come out of this--something GREAT for me.

I'm not only a hero--I'm also a dreamer and I WANT that DREAM to come true because I deserve it.

Day 2 Korean Bug

I am about to go home. I am excited to share these noodles/ramen to my family. I must admit this is going to be the first time that I'll eat Korean noodles. I am not sure if what I bought before was Korean or Japanese, I was not aware before. Korean and Japanese and Chinese characters were all the same to me back then. But not anymore. In time, I will be able to write and read Korean fluently.=)

Day 1 My Profession

"O Jas what can you say?", my prof asked me a while ago during our class.

I didn't realize that my mind was wandering again. Too late, I didn't really know what she just asked me. I asked her again the question and I was not sure if I answered her correctly.

I was supposed to report on Procurement Act but due to circumstances, I could not focus today. This is the last time that I will allow that to happen. I love my profession and if I can find ways to make it better then I would do so. This also means that I should be aware of the laws surrounding my profession so I would know how to steer our profession for the better.

***I'm only gonna start my PAD now=)

My day

1. 2010 has arrived. I am more hopeful and excited.
2. I have a nephew now. His name is Clint Miguel. We nearly had the same birthday but it's good that he decided to go ahead of my birthday.
3. Tomorrow is my birthday. 28. I like the number combination. I was born on 1982. 82. 28. Does it make sense?=)
4. I finally saw E after several days.
5. Peace is in my heart.


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