My day

1. 2010 has arrived. I am more hopeful and excited.
2. I have a nephew now. His name is Clint Miguel. We nearly had the same birthday but it's good that he decided to go ahead of my birthday.
3. Tomorrow is my birthday. 28. I like the number combination. I was born on 1982. 82. 28. Does it make sense?=)
4. I finally saw E after several days.
5. Peace is in my heart.


r u s s said...

May you have more reasons to be happy. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

jassy said...

russ, melita thanks=)

The Queen Gambit said...

Happy birthday Jassy! (",)

jassy said...

thanks Abbie=)

richard said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

Yeah, the 82 : 28 thing makes sense. Mind you, for me that won't happen until I am 66 in 2032 - hmmm ... not much symmetry in that.

Congrats on your new nephew! My only blood nephew turned one on Dec 31. Unfortunately, I was not able to be there for his birthday.

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