Day 1 My Profession

"O Jas what can you say?", my prof asked me a while ago during our class.

I didn't realize that my mind was wandering again. Too late, I didn't really know what she just asked me. I asked her again the question and I was not sure if I answered her correctly.

I was supposed to report on Procurement Act but due to circumstances, I could not focus today. This is the last time that I will allow that to happen. I love my profession and if I can find ways to make it better then I would do so. This also means that I should be aware of the laws surrounding my profession so I would know how to steer our profession for the better.

***I'm only gonna start my PAD now=)


r u s s said...

I like how you acknowledge what you're supposed to, good thing there are second chances :)

richard said...

ha ha. My mind wanders all the time. School was hard for me becaus eI usually had a hard time focussing. I was zoned out a lot - especially elementary and high school.

The only advice I will give you is that do the best you can, get the best marks you can. While marks do not always indicate your capability, good marks make it a lot easier to get your foot in the door.

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