Day 2 Korean Bug

I am about to go home. I am excited to share these noodles/ramen to my family. I must admit this is going to be the first time that I'll eat Korean noodles. I am not sure if what I bought before was Korean or Japanese, I was not aware before. Korean and Japanese and Chinese characters were all the same to me back then. But not anymore. In time, I will be able to write and read Korean fluently.=)


r u s s said...

It's Korean.Ü
Masarap yan, wala pako nakain na Korean food na hindi masarap.

richard said...

I always thought Korean and Japanese looked very different. It is Chinese and Japanese that is trickier - I look for the presence of simple stroke characters that might be hirigana to try and decide.

To be honest, I have never noticed any difference between the different types of ramen. If you gave me Korean and Japanese noodles in a bowl, I couldn't tell the difference.

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