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To everyone, I hope you all had a nice valentine's day. As for me, I spent it at work. But that's okay--not really that depressing...haha...I also realized that it's been a long time since I felt full after eating. It's good that my stomach doesn't hurt (gastritis) and I don't have anymore difficulty of breathing, except of course when I climb stairs.=)

Pointing Fingers

It's not cool to point finger. You think you can get away with it but the truth is--you're just showing your incompetencies. Besides, that has long been an issue and you should have resolved it long ago. If you don't have the guts to talk with the person concern then that adds up to your incompetencies. So it's still best to communicate with everyone.

Day 23 Sunset

I was happy because I caught the sunset. My plan was to go to this fountain but it was still daytime so I could not really emote. I noticed instead the sun which was about to set. I instantly became happy.

I realized, since I really want to witness the midnight sun and the northern lights, that in Norway, people may be dreaming of seeing the perfect sunset, but here in the Philippines, it's free and I can see it everyday.

Bitter man

...Yeah you're all about God that you ignore those who want to be your friend...

Is that bitter or what? It's always good to participate in spiritual activities but wouldn't God want you to go out and influence others to come to Him by being nice and kind and not self-righteous?

Instead of influencing others to come to God, you chase them away. Who wants to be criticized?

There is always a good way to drive home the point. And if you can do that, then you can do so much.

Day 22 Getting Ready

I'm supposed to be bringing these to class but my prof sent a message to one of my classmates and informed her that my prof would not be able to attend our class.


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