Day 23 Sunset

I was happy because I caught the sunset. My plan was to go to this fountain but it was still daytime so I could not really emote. I noticed instead the sun which was about to set. I instantly became happy.

I realized, since I really want to witness the midnight sun and the northern lights, that in Norway, people may be dreaming of seeing the perfect sunset, but here in the Philippines, it's free and I can see it everyday.


richard said...

I've seen the Northern lights. They can be quite impressive, but ... at least where I used to live in Canada, very rare. It helped to be out in the countryside where there were no lights.

One of the important thigns we all have to learn is to appreciate the beauty that is available and around us.

You're right, too often we will miss the sunset because we long for the Northern Lights.

ace said...

what a nice sunset!

日月神教-任我行 said...

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