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I decided to create a new blog that is about health and diet. I want this blog to be about everything under the sun and though I seldom post here because of personal reasons, I'm still keeping this and not convert this to a food or fitness or health blog.

So catch me on Crudely Healthy.

Crudely Healthy

I've been "munching" on several blogs these past few days. It's really nice to read posts from people who prove that getting fit is possible with a little discipline.

It's hard to be the only one who's going on a diet in my everyday place. People tease me every chance they get. And it's nice to know that a lot of people, like me, want a healthy lifestyle.

I am taking baby steps.

Moreover, it's hard to choose healthier food when you are on a tight budget and living in a third world country, being 28 and still living in a dorm. It's a big challenge but I think I am doing okay. I just hope I can look for ways to finally adapt to this healthy lifestyle.

I also try to look for whole foods here in the Philippines but unfortunately there's not much to find. So I have to be resourceful and efficient.

People around me ask the list of food I often eat but I don't think I should be doing that because I still haven't found the right combination. My diet is not yet balanced. So along with this diet, I take multivitamins.

I know that I have to exercise if I want to maintain the weight I am aiming for. I am still on the process of learning the exercise for me. I prefer dancing but I guess jogging is not that bad. I just have to know how to properly warm up.

Right now, I'm addicted to chocolate chip granola bar, specifically that brand.

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