First Ever Cheat Day

How do you prefer to be called?
Call me Jas (Dyas), that’s the english version of my name.

A lot has happened today. Misadventures turned blessings. All the tension drove me to make this day a cheat day when it comes to my diet. How could I resist Mom and Tina’sBakery and Cafe when it was just within my reach. The Chicken spinach lasagna was just so good. I also tried their Pecan choco muffin and I could guess that they used Toblerone for the chocolate.

I also took the opportunity of roaming Glorietta since I was already in Makati. It had lots of sports shop but I was shy to ask how much a pedometer was and if they even had one. I also got curious with Sennheisser’s earphones. According to Nelson, it was a good brand for an earphone.

Sennheisser has quite an affordable product but I’m not sure how superb is the sound coming out of that earphone. I haven’t tried it yet. But maybe I’ll try one...too many earphones, too few players.



Still counting calories because I have to. A lot of people can see the change in my body. They all ask me what I do. Then I tell them about cutting on calorie intake. And when there are meetings with food after, they ask me how many calories are there in every food just to tease me but I answer them anyway...I don't mind=)

I have cravings every now and then but I set a day to eat these cravings--I have no cheat day, I just schedule the food I crave for. But I make sure that it's within my calorie limit.

Because of this, I appreciate the food every time I eat. It becomes more delicious. I plan to jog, or do aerobics, or dance or do some yoga. But I still got to learn about these fitness activities.

Anyway, I started last Tuesday an activity that I plan to do from then on. I want to join this group who will help me have a deeper relationship with God. It's the Bible Study in my workplace. I hope to really be able to join this group. Because I want to know more about God. Yes, I know God and I read the bible but I crave for more. I don't plan to be converted because I have long thought about it and I realized that everywhere I go God is God. And everywhere I am I can serve God and His people. So I can just stay in my religion and serve and love God there.

Today is sunny and hot and I love the brightness of the surroundings. Enjoy your day!=)

Learning about Health

I've been reading blogs of health enthusiasts and I find them very helpful. I appreciate their posts. I especially like Oh She Glows and Healthy Tipping Point. Also, I've been rereading Russ' posts on health and diet.

I want bread today but I want to level up and so I followed my feet and they took me in front of French Baker. I looked at the bread on the racks and picked a diet wheat loaf. I'm not sure if "diet" is really healthy but as long as there's "wheat" then I will eat it. Then I need protein to go with this carbo and I found myself looking at a hotdog stall. That's my lunch. I know it's not fancy or anything but I want change to happen but not that fast because I want this change to be permanent.

And oh, I want to jog and not just brisk walk. I will do something about my sore foot this Thurday.=)


I'm in love with iced tea particularly Nestle Iced Tea that everyday I spend extra just to have my iced tea. But today, Kaye, my friend, treated me at Chaikofi and I tried the Black Ceylon Tea with lemon syrup and it tasted great. Black tea, just like green and white tea, has antioxidant properties. This is another step to becoming a healthy me.

I have no gym membership and no treadmill or anything. But I work in a place with stairs. Several flight of stairs. Before i knew it, my heart is pumping extra fast and my cellulites were shivering...hehe=) When I went back to the office to get my things, my face was all red from exhaustion. But I earned extra calories. Too bad I can't really think of anything to eat--I just drank iced tea.


Hello cyberworld!

I've been following the Healthy Tipping Point and I plan on really having a healthy lifestyle. But right now I'm trying to lose weight by counting calories and so as much as I want to eat more veggies, wheat bread, the only thing that I can eat among those healthy food right now is oatmeal. But not the plain oatmeal. The granola bar which is 100 calories per bar. Hey, I really want to stick with eating healthy and becoming fit--but one step at a time. I've been eating a lot for several years now and so I just have to make small steps just to make sure that I will be able to keep this up.

So far I started this since January 30 and I weighed 144lbs then, I was really overweight. But now have lost 16 pounds. According to my BMI--I now have a normal weight. Although I'm near the upper limit and so I just have to continue counting calories. Then I'll be able to eat all the healthy veggies and proteins around.

I am also planning to have a cleansing. I have this supplement in mind but until I'm sure that it's effective, I won't tell you about it.

Anyway, that's about it. Right now I want to hit the beach because it's now summer!!!


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