Still counting calories because I have to. A lot of people can see the change in my body. They all ask me what I do. Then I tell them about cutting on calorie intake. And when there are meetings with food after, they ask me how many calories are there in every food just to tease me but I answer them anyway...I don't mind=)

I have cravings every now and then but I set a day to eat these cravings--I have no cheat day, I just schedule the food I crave for. But I make sure that it's within my calorie limit.

Because of this, I appreciate the food every time I eat. It becomes more delicious. I plan to jog, or do aerobics, or dance or do some yoga. But I still got to learn about these fitness activities.

Anyway, I started last Tuesday an activity that I plan to do from then on. I want to join this group who will help me have a deeper relationship with God. It's the Bible Study in my workplace. I hope to really be able to join this group. Because I want to know more about God. Yes, I know God and I read the bible but I crave for more. I don't plan to be converted because I have long thought about it and I realized that everywhere I go God is God. And everywhere I am I can serve God and His people. So I can just stay in my religion and serve and love God there.

Today is sunny and hot and I love the brightness of the surroundings. Enjoy your day!=)


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