Learning about Health

I've been reading blogs of health enthusiasts and I find them very helpful. I appreciate their posts. I especially like Oh She Glows and Healthy Tipping Point. Also, I've been rereading Russ' posts on health and diet.

I want bread today but I want to level up and so I followed my feet and they took me in front of French Baker. I looked at the bread on the racks and picked a diet wheat loaf. I'm not sure if "diet" is really healthy but as long as there's "wheat" then I will eat it. Then I need protein to go with this carbo and I found myself looking at a hotdog stall. That's my lunch. I know it's not fancy or anything but I want change to happen but not that fast because I want this change to be permanent.

And oh, I want to jog and not just brisk walk. I will do something about my sore foot this Thurday.=)


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