new boarding house

i hope this time, i will really be able to bear living with strangers. one of the disadvantages of living with strangers, aka living in a boarding house, is you can't act freely. you always have to think of others. you have to watch your words cause you might hurt others causing chaos. i can't be mean or nasty because i don't know them well enough to show the real me. there's the chance of stabbing at the back. hmp...kleng told me to be patient and a little understanding. i hope so.mark is not yet calling me. i'm already getting paranoid because in his last call, he mentioned his friend *girl* and that he considered her a real friend...duh! who is he kidding? i know him well enough to say that he's a little attracted with that woman. i have a lot to do.

my friends and i are planning to go to the wake of Jot's mother in sucat.

i have to visit a doctor.

i have to make my life sensible.some of my friends are going to canada. wow! lucky them!someday, i'll be going to the other country...hopefully with mark.


it's been a while...again. I would have written here last sunday but then i lost the urge to do so because of the girl beside me. oh yes...she was good in spoken English but then she was so loud that I couldn't concentrate anymore. enough about that.

what's with a birthday? is there some kind of magic or voodoo in a birthday? hmmm...i am really wondering.

it's still raining outside and i've never seen a flood like this. fyi...i'm living in marikina at my aunt's place and i always have to pass the marikina bridge, below is the marikina river. it's scary to look at the river nowadays because the water in the river have overflowed on the streets that you cannot distinguish the river from the land. I've also seen the houses nearby are almost under water. I hope sun will show itself so the land will dry out and things will get back to normal.

haha...glad to tell you that i've had my quickly choco ice again...thanks to my mahal mark.

i've learned a lot these past few day. i realized i was not that bad. i could live without eating anything fast food. i could adapt to things. and i also witnessed the caring of God. one day i wanted a pizza but since i couldn't spare any of my transpo allowance, i just suppressed my longing. when i went to my aunt's place, there was a pizza. anyway, i also realized that i could live like this for a while until the time when it's my turn to shine...when i am the one on top. when that happens, i will help anyone in need.

tomorrow, my up barkada will go to alit's's her town's fiesta. i miss going to her house. i miss my friends.

that's all.

healthy habits

Is this a sign? Then it's a bad sign. I did everything I could with the situation. But then I guess it was not enough.

I need to do something drastic.

This is obviously not a good day. I've been travelling the whole day. I have a lot to think career and especially my health. The people around me are very unsupportive. But then who really loves me? I don't think they do.

I never really trust anyone easily. But when I do trust someone it's trust. But then my trust is always broken.

I told Mark about the account of his former girlfriend. I hated myself for doing that. I am really stupid, ain't I? But then, I just want to make sure that he really loves me and he's not living with the past. I am different from his ex-. I am the present. I just hope he will continue choosing me like I continue choosing him.

A lot of people don't approve with our relationship. But I've been analyzing our situation and I can't seem to find a mistake with our relationship. I mean, he's not married with anyone...yet (I'm hoping he will marry me...sooner). And he's really trying to establish himself so he could support me. He's not that good looking but he teaches me how to love. Life is sweet because of him.

But then, he's so far away and I am missing him.

all about memo

all about memo

How to get away with memorandums:

1. Chop the facts
- learn what's to be included and what's not
2. Don't get caught

Hmmmp!!! I really shouldn't bother explaining my side when I would still be getting a memo and to be included in 201 files with my big boss copy. At least my boss will know a bad way.

But then, come to think of it, I like making incident's like I'm in highschool again...I get to exercise thinking of the right words for the right meaning...thesaurus in the computer is really a big help.

The thing is...I just hate what I'm doing ( and not doing at all ).

I'd rather have my own business and be my own boss.

This morning as I was going to my Aunt's place, I saw tall buildings and I thought, "That is where I want to work, have, manage!"

Mark, my Mahal, is nice to me. He already sent several personal messages even though I am still not replying. I don't have a load yet.

Love...I want to be in Dubai!!!

love and family

tisoy made my day. that dog accompanied me until i was able to ride a tricycle. it was so cool. as in it's like it knew what it was doing. it obeyed readily when i told the dog to go home. people and bystanders were thinking that i would take the dog with me to work. or they were amazed to know that the dog was just accompanying me. tisoy is just a wonder dog!!!



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