new boarding house

i hope this time, i will really be able to bear living with strangers. one of the disadvantages of living with strangers, aka living in a boarding house, is you can't act freely. you always have to think of others. you have to watch your words cause you might hurt others causing chaos. i can't be mean or nasty because i don't know them well enough to show the real me. there's the chance of stabbing at the back. hmp...kleng told me to be patient and a little understanding. i hope so.mark is not yet calling me. i'm already getting paranoid because in his last call, he mentioned his friend *girl* and that he considered her a real friend...duh! who is he kidding? i know him well enough to say that he's a little attracted with that woman. i have a lot to do.

my friends and i are planning to go to the wake of Jot's mother in sucat.

i have to visit a doctor.

i have to make my life sensible.some of my friends are going to canada. wow! lucky them!someday, i'll be going to the other country...hopefully with mark.


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