Not Boring After All

2008 has really been eventful. Lots of adjustment in almost every area of my life.

And the latest is my transfer to another area. I consider this the cream section of the department because of the knowledge needed to do the job.

It would have been cool you know. But there's a catch--I'll be very much in contact with patients. The thing which I am scared the most is the very thing that I have to do. Isn't that funny?:-D

I applied in this hospital having this department in mind. But I was assigned in another area. Then I was asked to finally join the area but i turned it down because paranoia got the better of me. And after several years and an exam later, they asked me again and I don't want to be paralyzed by fear anymore. And so here I am.
Anyway, I just can't take talking to hundreds of patients everyday about the budget for their medicine which I don't think most of them take. At least the patients I am dealing now are real (because all of them are admitted at the wards).

So far, I am okay.:-D


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