What's on my mind? Right now...future, work, career, studies...

I don't really have anything interesting to say about any other topic because work is on my mind.


I'm still here in this room making assignment. The deadline is today--whole day so it's until 11.59pm.

Good thing I'm done.


I would have enjoyed mySunday more but I just received the assignment to be submitted tomorrow--how's that for an easy Sunday?

Have to do it now...

Boys Over Flowers

Go Jun Pyo was successful in making me cry. He was effective. It's because of him that I got hooked on anything Korean.

I am now interested in the culture, language, clothes of Korea.


Humanity vs self-gain. Which would you choose?

Should I fight for our future? Should I do something when the people who should be concern doesn't care?

Where is your heart?

Pro freedom

What's the price of freedom?


Years Ago

16 years ago, my classmates bullied me just because I laughed out loud. The leader called me "maarte" and that was why everybody avoided me. I hated the day--it was a cursed day. I often told myself.

But 15 years after, I thanked this day because it was the day I once again plunged in, took the risk of loving again.

And now, a year later, I am still loved by this guy I consider God's gift to me.:)

Missing Sundays with the Family

God is so good that He is very understanding. This is with regards to the Lord’s day. Some people say that if one cannot attend the mass/service on a Sunday, she can just do so on any other day provided that her heart is really into God.

But others don’t believe this. Being a Roman Catholic, there are lots of mass schedules on Sundays so if one has to work on Sundays, one can still attend the mass.

But wouldn’t it be nice to spend Sundays with the family. Going to mass together then going to the mall or any restaurant after for lunch. Then going home and relax.

I miss this kind of Sundays. I miss going to church with the whole family and then going to our store after. We can just eat there. My Dad would drive my Mom to our store after the mass, we would often join them. Then if we were in the mood to stay and help out in our store, then we would stay with our Mom, but if we wanted to relax at home, we would go back with our Dad. But we had to stop by Star to buy some food and a newspaper, then just spend Sunday at home watching tv.

I miss my family—the complete family—all 5 of us. Of course now there are Precious and Grace, but still, I miss having Dad around. I miss my Dad.

I miss the FAB Chapel. Speaking of chapel, here are the list of my favorite churches/chapels:

· Malate Church
· Carmel in Lipa
· San Sebastian Cathedral
· Fernando Air Base Chapel
· Quiapo Church
· Mt. Carmel in Quezon City
· St. Jude in Malacanang
· PGH Chapel
· San Isidro Church
· Aglipayan Church in front of College of Pharmacy UP Manila

I need to hear God’s Word. I love God. He’s been good to me. He’s been gentle. He’s blessed me with so much. He’s been nice. He’s always on my side. I am really thnakful for His love. I am grateful.

New task

Communication is my report on thursday and yet I am not good in it. Maybe this is an opportunity to be better in this area because communication is so very much a part of my life--in anyone's life.

This afternoon we had a division meeting and it was fine. A lot of work has to be done. New tasks. Challenging. But it should be fun.

Another One

I am happy. I have the chance to do so many things. I am very much hopeful. Now more than ever, I can help my family more. I hope things will work out right.

Thank you God for everything.


Work, studies...I've been really busy. This year that has been my constant statement. But I like to be busy...but not so much.

I only have one day off and I'm in the area for the wifi=) because of my studies.

I want to buy many accessories but my budget is kinda tight. But I should not focus on that. I should focus on abundance. Blessings will come.=)

I'm a farmtown addict and that adds up to my busy life...=)
I've been lucky. Because of so many things.

Life is really beautiful.


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