x-er-i's and zzzzzs

I did exercise yesterday but I also ate more than I should.  Anyway, today s a new day and I am successful in watching the amount of what I eat..

What I need right now is to sleep so I can be a super lady tomorrow.

Exercise and GNT

Since my body has recuperated from flu and lbm, I think it's right to go back to exercise.  By exercise, I mean a little strength training especially for the abdomen and thighs.  I love it! :)

These past few days I've been obsessed with finding a "cool" bible that is easy to understand.  Last night I discovered the Today's English Version.  And so I went to the Philippine Bible Society store to look for this version.  I was about to buy a bible when this bible with the Good News Translation caught my attention.  I browsed through it and read my favorite passage.  I discovered that TEV and GNT are the same.  My heart skipped with excitement because the GNT bible is colored and I like the font!  I asked the lady behind the counter and the bible was on sale.  I got a 20% discount.  Score!  I chose the purple color because it's the one nearest pink...yep I'm a pink person.  :)

I hope my enthusiasm brush up on them.

My body will be a little toner tomorrow... :)

Past Few Weeks

I've gone MIA these past few weeks because I had a flu and diarrhea that I just chose to sleep whenever I can instead of going online.

I am still counting calories btw but this week I decided not to and let my body recuperate.  I also tried to get to know E's camera and I'm loving macro. :)  It's nice to shoot food using a macro lens.

This week I realize that I don't eat that much anymore.  Before I could finish off this huge serving but now, I am able to listen more to my body.  I stop when I'm full.  I don't really overeat.  Or maybe because I was just not feeling well.

Anyway, I also attended this seminar on updates on the treatment for HIV.  The 2-day seminar is an eye opener for me.  It's nice that the support group and the treatment hubs here in the Philippines work well together.  Kudos to them! :)

Health.  It's not only about the physical health--it's also spiritual.  I thank God for speaking to me when I need His Word the most.  Thank you God.  That is why I have been bent on finding a cool bible.  But in the end, I still choose the Contemporary English Version because it is more affordable and easy to understand.  I also find great sites for the daily bible studies and devotional--they are bookmarked. :)

It's already nighttime here and my goal for tomorrow is to jog.  My body needs the activity.  And also church!  It's a sunday.

What's your plan for tomorrow?

Have a nice day!!! :)

Early Wish list

Christmas is coming up and that means my birthday is also coming up (like 2 weeks after Christmas or something like that).  Anyway, if anyone would give me a gift I would want to have a bible.


Not just any bible.  But the bible by Joyce Meyer--the Everyday Life Bible.  I've seen the inside of this bible and she has notes for every start of the chapter or book inside.  She will try to explain to you the passages of the bible and how it is related in everyday life thus the title.  It's so nice and I also love the font and the font size.  The font and font size is important to me because it makes reading the bible so much easier even without straining my eyes just to read.

Right now I'm looking online for bibles.  Hmmm...I love the Bible.


Last Wednesday I think, one of our interns had a yoga mat on her back as she went to our office.  I could not help but ask her if it was indeed a yoga mat and where she was enrolled in.  She told me that there is a yoga session every Monday to Thursday at either 10-12nn or 1-3pm.  Wow a yoga session for free!!!  But my work schedule won't permit it.  But according to her, next semester, the session will be after office hours!!!  Nice!!!

Here's more--every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday there is aerobics for employees for an affordable fee.  Now that is another chance to be fit.  :)

You know what makes me happy?  Jogging at Baywalk!!!

Have a happy day everyone!!! :)


While I was at the mall with my sister hours ago, I got curious to check out the scent of the perfumes at Acquasuisse Scent Station.  They have a unique stall of perfumes but their scents are not unique.  I liked this scent Precision and I cannot get enough of it.  I so love it.  I'm always on the lookout for colognes and perfumes because I just love perfumes.

Anyway, I also watched a movie--Letters to Juliet.  Italy is so nice.  I want to go there.  Who knows--maybe someday I will and not as a worker but as a tourist.

I also had a lychee iced tea and dark chocolate from Meiji :)

E is gaining weight as days go by.  It's my fault actually because I gave him my portions of the food.  My goal now is to eat pure healthy stuff so he would have to eat healthy, too.

Last Friday there was an event in my favorite mall--World of Heroes organized by this big toy store and we got to take photos of Ironman's and Bumblebee's replica :)  I'm gonna post the photos as soon as E gave the SD card to me :)

Have a nice weekend!


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