Past Few Weeks

I've gone MIA these past few weeks because I had a flu and diarrhea that I just chose to sleep whenever I can instead of going online.

I am still counting calories btw but this week I decided not to and let my body recuperate.  I also tried to get to know E's camera and I'm loving macro. :)  It's nice to shoot food using a macro lens.

This week I realize that I don't eat that much anymore.  Before I could finish off this huge serving but now, I am able to listen more to my body.  I stop when I'm full.  I don't really overeat.  Or maybe because I was just not feeling well.

Anyway, I also attended this seminar on updates on the treatment for HIV.  The 2-day seminar is an eye opener for me.  It's nice that the support group and the treatment hubs here in the Philippines work well together.  Kudos to them! :)

Health.  It's not only about the physical health--it's also spiritual.  I thank God for speaking to me when I need His Word the most.  Thank you God.  That is why I have been bent on finding a cool bible.  But in the end, I still choose the Contemporary English Version because it is more affordable and easy to understand.  I also find great sites for the daily bible studies and devotional--they are bookmarked. :)

It's already nighttime here and my goal for tomorrow is to jog.  My body needs the activity.  And also church!  It's a sunday.

What's your plan for tomorrow?

Have a nice day!!! :)


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