Exercise and GNT

Since my body has recuperated from flu and lbm, I think it's right to go back to exercise.  By exercise, I mean a little strength training especially for the abdomen and thighs.  I love it! :)

These past few days I've been obsessed with finding a "cool" bible that is easy to understand.  Last night I discovered the Today's English Version.  And so I went to the Philippine Bible Society store to look for this version.  I was about to buy a bible when this bible with the Good News Translation caught my attention.  I browsed through it and read my favorite passage.  I discovered that TEV and GNT are the same.  My heart skipped with excitement because the GNT bible is colored and I like the font!  I asked the lady behind the counter and the bible was on sale.  I got a 20% discount.  Score!  I chose the purple color because it's the one nearest pink...yep I'm a pink person.  :)

I hope my enthusiasm brush up on them.

My body will be a little toner tomorrow... :)


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