Extra Challenge

Part One

Life is like a game or a series of adventure. The mission is to follow this certain path. It would have been easy BUT each one is to carry a cross. For others their crosses are big, and for some theirs are small. But for everyone it sure is heavy. From time to time someone would carry their crosses for them so they can rest. But it is a part of the challenge that each is to bring a cross or more throughout the mission. And if they are able to follow the path, the prize would be eternal happiness. But then there are many other challenges. There are distractions, tragedies and other false eternal happiness. The Master of All (God) who thought of this game provides everyone some special creatures to send messages on how to avoid these traps. He even invented a sort of manual and other procedures to make things easy for everyone. Problem lies when challengers have been misled that they don't know where the real path is anymore.

Humans are the participants in this so-called game. The Master of All gave them a working mind to their benefits. They could use it for just about anything. But then the purpose for that mind is to be enhanced for the mission/goal and that is to follow the path.

And in the path, there are also other responsibilities. But these responsibilities point to one thing: To take care of the gadgets/creatures/inventions of the Master of All that He lent humans so they could easily follow the path.

Maiba Tayo.

I was not able to sleep last night. I've been thinking so hard about love and its many questions.

Why? Why is this happening to me? Why does God allow me to meet this guy who would just ruin my life? Why wouldn't He give me someone who will love me tenderly, someone who would not treat me badly. But I cannot blame God because it has always been my choice.

What? What will happen to me? Can I still hold on? This long distance relationship is going into loser's side more and more everyday.

Who? Who is that one person for me? I believe there is someone for everybody.

When? When will I meet him?

Where? Where will I meet him? Or is he already around?

How? How will we meet? How will I be able to save this dying relationship? How will we forgive each other?

Will I ever be happy? Reason why I am gaining so much weight and unable to lose it is because I am unhappy. Dissatisfied. With myself. With him. Of course, my family loves me and there are many things that I am thankful for, but right now, I am so confused and lonely. Maybe what I need right now is to cry.

Pakibatukan nga ako, pwede ba?


For the last few days that I've spent in my hometown or rather compound, I did not rest and relax. I've spent my time having fun and taking responsibilities.

Last May 25 was my father's birthday and my Mom, Mary Rose, and I went to the cemetery to visit his grave. We had no car or any other vehicle so we just rented a trike. We just spent 20 minutes there but my Mom was able to shed some tears before we left. Athan followed us but we already left.

That night we sponsored the tuklungan and we served the people sopas but then a lot of the people who helped us also took advantage of us and it turned out to be quite a disaster because the 4-kilo sopas did not suffice the people because our helpers took away almost 2 kilos of sopas. Big deal because we were the sponsors and we exerted our efforts and money to share with others but then there are just these kind of people who wanted to be leeches. No merit for them there.

Anyway, my cousin invited these group of young dancers. They really entertained the people. It would have been perfect if not for that disastrous sopas.

I also asked Arjan, my brother's friend and their band's vocalist, to sing songs for that event. He sang really well.

Moreover,, there was this guy who went there to audition for the Amateur Singing Contest to be held this Friday (June 03) and he sang really well also and so Mom asked him if he could sing some songs that night to entertain the people. He sang I think 2 songs and his father sang, too.

The kids danced. Bless, my young and cute cousin, was in the mood to dance that night. Jay-Jay, my 2nd degree nephew danced also and everyone was shouting and laughing because of the kids.

Of course, my sister Mary Rose sang her favorite song Isang Lahi. We weren't there when she sang that song but we knew even from afar that she was the one singing it. Her voice is just unique.

We were exhausted after.

And so the next day, May 26, it was the 18th birthday of my sister and we planned to have a mini-celebration for her birthday. But it was already 6am and everyone in the house was still asleep except for my Mom who was already frantic. And so she gave us her popular wake-up rants. Everyone did get up because of that even me. I went to our store as early as 7am to help there. We, Ardee (my 2nd degree nephew) and Mary Rose, were talking what happened that morning and we all blamed our precious Kleng for not doing her responsibilities. But we were happy and still excited nonetheless.

We prepared for the food. We made sure that we have enough food to feed the whole community. Pansit would suffice. A lot of them were again trying to stop my Mom from permitting to cook other dishes but I told them never to underestimate the people of our community. And I was right, I was shocked where all those people came from. There were lots of them. I could not even speak or sing because I was thinking of the food and the mess we would have to clean and how I would not be able to help them because I had to work the next day. Haha...forgive me but I am the ate so I have to think of those things.

I would have wanted to give my sister a better celebration with the 18 candles, roses, balloons, and gifts, and also the coutillion (?) but then our situation now is different from before. I am sure she understood but still she is the youngest and it's her debut. Oh well, someday.

That day ended well so everything was well.

For a Healthy You

I cannot accept the fact that I have colds. And there is a possibility that this would develop into a flu. Every fiber of my muscles hurt. I would just love to lie around all day and rest but I have to work.

Work. Well, yesterday people at my work were commenting that I was becoming pretty (blooming?) I told them maybe it was because of the clip on my hair and the color of my blouse. They disagreed, still were not able to pinpoint the cause.

To think I am still very much overweight. And I my lovelife is in hiatus so there is really no joy in my heart. My throat was itchy and my ears were painful but I still managed to become beautiful. Then this morning it hit me. Reason for this radiance is Vitamin E. Radiance from within. Maybe it started working yesterday.

I am taking Vitamin E because there is a construction in our area and there are lots of stuff that can cause cancer and other diseases/disorders so I take extra care but I guess it is not enough to protect me against colds.

Everyone, take vitamin E for a radiant skin. Hehe...I just hope this lasts long.

Oh, on a much brighter side, yesterday Sir E asked me if I wanted to join the Clinical Pharmacy Team. Of course! But I didn't know what to answer him so I should not really hope for that but I was happy and flattered because of that. I hope they'll include me in the Clinical Pharmacy Team.

And oh, I was included in the Top 5 Most Compliant Pharmacists in Labelling Loose Tablets. There is a thing like that and I am glad because seniors are able to appreciate our efforts.

More stories, maybe tomorrow...but right now I've got to work.


Ang mundo ko...

Sa puso ko
Sa diwa ko
Sa mundo ko


Sana nga...

Ang mahal ko

Ang mundo ko
Ang mahal ko

Sa puso ko

At ako'y

Sa puso mo
Sa diwa mo'y
Ako rin

03/31/00 Manila


Found these poems at the back of my notes in college. Wow, I didn't know I was able to write long poems. Just sharing these with you.

Batangas Coffee

She was the love you never had
She was the goal you never achieved
She was the girl you can never say yours
Not even in your dreams

You looked at her
She turned away
You smiled at her
She frowned back.

You ran after her
She hided from you
Hoping that your feelings
Would leave her alone.

Your gazes she disliked
She avoided your very shadow
A glance she didn't want to do
That was how it has been

You've been admiring her for ages
But she never realized it
Until you sent her that note
The note that's still in her box

It seemd you've grown tired of loving her
The hope inside became less and less
Until the love and care for the girl
You can never have is gone

Then you've found a gem
The girl you now have
The goal you have achieved
Not only in dreams but also in reality

And the girl you can never have
Though in denial
Is hurt inside because of the truth
The truth--she'd realized

That she'd loved you
Deeper than you've loved her
And sadly though
She'd seen it clear

That you've become the boy
She can never have
Not in reality
Not even in her dreams

07/17/99 1806H Lipa

So-called friends...
They're around
Biting off my neck
They're killing me

Gradually, growing inside
The uneasy feeling
Suddenly I wanted to puke
Let them see the gross sight

What should I doTo avoid throwing up
Should I leave them?
Should I stay loyal?

These so-called friends
Who need them?
I, most certainly don't
Cause I'm a so-called friend, too.

08/24/99 Manila

Stop analyzing my life
You don't know half of me
Stop finding my flaws
You have yours to think about

Can't you see
We've changed now...
Our interests differed
You're you and I'm me...

Stop telling me I'm not a true friend
'Cause we're just the same
The little and seldom concewrns you're giving me
Are not real...

It's just sad to know
We're not the same anymore
The only thing we can do is
To endure acceptance that's all

I don't believe in you now
Sad to say...
You're not worthy of my trust
I hate youy...

08/24/99 Manila



In Lipa, there is a tradition called tuklungan. This happens every May. It is like the usual May flower offering to Mama Mary. But instead of holding the rosary prayers in a church/chapel, one barangay/street would build up a small hall and people would put an altar with the crucifix and Mama Mary's image. The usual tuklungan would start at around 6 or 7. There will be the praying of the rosary and after that flowers would be offered. After that, there would be a mini program. Usually, children would sing and dance. The hermana/sponsor would sometimes brought entertainers. Before the program would end, the sponsor would give people something to eat.

Tomorrow, my family will sponsor the tuklungan. And tomorrow is also my father's 62nd birthday. What would he be like if he were still around?

Our House

Late in the morning, I woke up to find my brother, Kristel and Bitoy at the living room discussing about the basketball game for kids (3 on 3). I just had a long sleep. I deserved it because I was not able to get at least 7 hours of sleep for the last two days. I bribed my brother to cook luncheon meat for me. In turn I would give him some bucks. He gave in. Later, Bitoy, Kristel, and my bro joined me in eating breakfast. After that, we watched Cinema One. The movie being shown was Isusumbong Kita sa Tatay Ko and we were making fun of the movie but at the same time watching it intently. I was jologs all the way but they were, well, they're jologs at heart. After that, it was lunchtime and my bro talked me into ordering lomi for lunch. After that I decided to take a bath. Everyone took a bath one at a time though. By the time I got out of the house, everyone has left already to their respective missions for the day.

Sometimes, it's good to be home.

Going Out

The problem with UP Pharmacy students is that they are groomed to become scientists. That means going into pharmaceutical chemistry research, clinical studies, becoming a doctor, inventing, researching. Here in the Philippines, the normal "pharmacists" are those who are dispensing drugs that is similar to selling drugs, thus the so-called tindera ng gamot.

This led UP graduates to look for a place where they can be the best that they can be. Most of them are now outside the country.

Many of them would have wanted to make a difference in this country. But how could they, when this country doesn't let them?

I am on night duty and I lack sleep. What will happen to me? I just hope I'll be able to talk with the patients/watchers. Wish me luck!


This is a new layout based on the design of mela. The colors are still the same. I have to admit that the whole layout is very simple but then, these are the colors I like. The picture shows a beach depicting summer. In just few days, summer will be over. Rainy days will be here. When you happen to stumble upon this site after walking through the flooded streets...hehe...I bet you would remember all the summers that you have and how you would love to get away from all the floods and rains that you would be experiencing.

So everyone, enjoy summer while it lasts.


How can Mark not be the right guy for me when he's the only one who can make me smile despite the hardest trials in my life?

How can he not be when he's who my heart loves?

Life has a peculiar way of making things look right. Mark and I are far apart yet we love each other so much. Hope fills us. It is enough to make us go on with life.

No hands to hold for now but I find my two hands clasped together in prayer that wherever he is, I'm praying he is always safe and that someday we'll be able to hold hands again. When that time comes, I know it will be for keeps.


Acetylene gas is killing me. Yesterday I had to work with the smell of acetylene all over our place. Half of our area is being renovated and construction workers are trying to take off the iron bars. My head is still aching. I just hope I won't get sick.

For God

"Tomorrow morning," the surgeon began,"I'll open up your heart..."

"You'll find Jesus there," the boyinterrupted.

The surgeon looked up, annoyed "I'llcut your heart open," he continued,to see how much damage has beendone."

"But when you open up my heart, you'llfind Jesus in there," said the boy. The surgeon looked to the parents, who Sat quietly.

"When I see how muchdamage has been done, I'll sew yourheart and chest back up, and I'll planwhat to do next."

"But you'll find Jesus in my heart. TheBible says He lives there. The hymns all say He lives there. You'll find Him in my heart."

The surgeon had had enough. "I'll tellyou what I'll find in your heart. I'll find damaged muscle, low bloodsupply, and weakened vessels. And I'll find out if I can make you well.

"You'll find Jesus there too. He livesthere."The surgeon left...The surgeon sat in his office, recording hisnotes from the surgery, "...damaged aorta, damaged pulmonary vein,widespread muscle degeneration.No hope for transplant, no hope for cure. Therapy:painkillers and bed rest. Prognosis:, "here he paused, "death within one year."He stopped the recorder, but there wasmore to be said. "Why?" he asked aloud."Why did You do this? You've puthim here; You've put him in this pain; and You've cursed him to an early death. Why?"

The Lord answered and said, "The boy,My lamb, was not meant for yourflock for long, for he is a part of Myflock, and will forever be.Here, in My flock, he will feel no pain, andwill be comforted as you cannot imagine.His parents will one day join him here,and they will know peace, andMy flock will continue to grow."

The surgeon's tears were hot, but hisanger was hotter. "You created thatboy, and You created that heart. He'llbe dead in months. Why?"

The Lord answered, "The boy, My lamb,shall return to My flock, for He hasDone his duty: I did not put My lambwith your flock to lose him, but to retrieve anotherlost lamb."The surgeon wept.. The surgeon satbeside the boy's bed; the boy'sparents sat across from him.

The boy awoke andwhispered, "Did you cut open my heart?""Yes," said the surgeon."What did you find?" asked the boy.

"I found Jesus there," said thesurgeon.

Author Unknown - Celebrate Jesus in 2004

If you aren't ashamed to do this,please follow the directionslisted below:Jesus said, "If you are ashamed of me,I will be ashamed of you beforemy Father.."I Am Not Ashamed. Pass this on only ifyou mean it.

"Yes, I do LoveGod. He is my source of existence andSavior. He keeps me functioning eachand everyday. Without Him, I will benothing. Without him, I am nothing,but with Him I can do all things throughChrist that strengthens me."(Phil 4:13)This is the simplest test. If you LoveGod, and are not ashamed of all themarvelous things he has done for you.Send this to ten people and theperson who sent it to you.


I found a very simple template. I am planning to use it. One of these days I might use that.

Oh I did not go to work this day because I feel bad, not physically but emotionally, which is even worse. I went to that place where I could wholeheartedly talk with God. Now I feel better.


Back when I was a kid, I thought every problem could be fixed by my parents. I thought wrong.

When was the first time you said to yourself that this is not the way life works?

For me, it was around January of 1990. Still in grade 2 and already a loner at 8, I dreaded going to school. I hated pretending that I was kind and timid. That was the impression of my classmates towards me but I was not like that at all. Loud, mean and bratty were the right descriptions for me. I was also friendsless and lonely because for some unknown reason I was shy around my classmates and teachers. These things were too hard for me to handle then so you couldn't blame me for thinking of all the excuses just not to go to school. Back in AM's Ville, I had lots of playmates. I was cheerful and lively. I did not have to pretend. So I'd rather be at home than in school. But then one time, I could not understand the lessons and I realized that I was falling behind. School was a burden but I should not prolong the agony. That was around January and I thought then that it was just a few months to go and summer would come. Summer meant long months of no school. Freedom! But first I thought I had to stay in school. That made me survive Grade 2.

Conforming with society, for someone like me, that is a very hard thing to do.

Remembering When

For the past few weeks, I've been busy. Busy thinking and working. Thinking about my future and working for the present. But I am lucky enough because I spent so many time with my family and relatives. Last week, I went swimming with them. That event was tiring for me because I had to travel from Manila to Laguna then Laguna to Manila. But it was worthy. I was even touched by my brother's sweetness. Anong nakain nun?!

For the past few days, after I've talked with my friends, I've been contemplating about my future and Mark. Our relationship is still there but we are still far apart. The distance between us is that great. I don't know if he would still be able to wait for me.

I have to try to do the best that I can with my career. That's my right. But he has his right to do something with his career, too. I can't stop him from spreading his wings. I want him to be the best that he can be. Maybe my reason for being in a heavy mood is worry. I am not sure if my plans would push through. And if that plan were to fail, I had nothing to back it up.

I cannot close my eyes and pretend that I don't know about the sufferings that people in this country are experiencing. I need not wait for these sufferings to afflict my family. I am the eldest and my father has passed away. My mother is not getting any younger or healthier. I am not worrying about myself because the only thing that will be hurt is my ego, but I am worrying about my family.

God gives us talents and skills. He wants us to use them to make ourselves the best that we can be while serving and loving Him. Problem is, sometimes I cannot distinguish if what I am trying to do is really a way of serving God. How would I know if what I'm doing is right? And how would I know if what I am doing is really what God wants me to do?

I guess time will tell.

What's Important

I've been working, doing things the hard way. Sometimes I just want to sit in a corner and cry and watch my life pass by. Sometimes I feel invisible. But I am alive. I can never be invisible. I have dreams in life that are either too hard to get or are just plain impossible. But then sometimes God let me have some of my dreams.

Right now, I've been thinking about my career. I have to admit that I'm not the greatest employee in the world. I have been looking at the lives of my batchmates and friends. They all have nice lives. I am pressured.

This makes me think of what's important to me. I know who are important to me. But I know I have to try and do these things even if I have to get them the hard way or I have to work hard with lots of determination to get them not only for myself but for the people who are important to me. I'm doing the things I do because I love them and I know they would want me to be the best that I can be.

Please pray for me.


The series of events in our family is almost over. I have to get serious now. More work, hopefully not less fun. I miss my family.

Ivy tagged me so here it is:

Rules: What follows is a list of different occupations. You must select at least five of them. You may add more if you like to your list before you pass it on (after you select five of the items as it was passed to you). Of the five you selected, you are to finish each phrase with what you would do as a member of that profession. Then pass it on to three other bloggers.Here's that list:

If I could be a scientist...
If I could be a farmer...
If I could be a musician...
If I could be a doctor
If I could be a painter...
If I could be a gardener
If I could be a missionary...
If I could be a chef...
If I could be an architect...
If I could be a linguist...
If I could be a psychologist...
If I could be a librarian...
If I could be an athlete...
If I could be a lawyer...
If I could be an innkeeper...
If I could be a professor...
If I could be a writer...
If I could be a backup dancer...
If I could be a goonie...
If I could be a spy...
If I could be a llama-rider...
If I could be a bonnie pirate...
If I could be a midget stripper...
If I could be a proctologist...
If I could be a TV-Chat Show host...
If I could be an actor..
.If I could be a judge...
If I could be a Jedi...
If I could be a mob boss...
If I could be a backup singer...
If I could be a CEO...
If I could be a hobbit...
If I could be a movie reviewer...
If I could be a monkey's uncle...
If I could be a gangster...
If I could be Miss America...

My choices:

If I could be a scientist...I would create an alternative or replacement to petroleum.
If I could be a hobbit...I would be Frodo's friend.
If I could be a doctor...I would be a pediatrician.
If I could be a movie reviewer...I would have my own entertainment system in my house.
If I could be a gangster...I would be their best asset.

I'm passing this to three bloggers:




Corny Fun

I got teary-eyed, but nonetheless I still have it my heart, the hope that someday I would get to walk down the aisle while my groom would wait for me to bring me to the altar. I believe in marriage.

Last Saturday, the whole Titular (herein the Philippines) woke up as early as 5 in the morning and prepared for the wedding of our beloved Ate Gina and Kuya Rocky. Truth is I was excited because it's been a decade, I guess, since I last joined in the entourage. And I have a feeling this will be my last.

We arrived in the church late because of the traffic in our hometown, too many cars, too narrow streets. I served as an usherette so I was tasked to give out crosage. My first attempt was even embarrassing. I thought he was a ninong, he turned out to be the bestman. Hehe...

The ceremony went fine; however, bad trip yung organizer sa church because the ushers and usherettes were not allowed to walk down the aisle and we have to assist everyone. No pics, more work. That was fine though we were all pretty naman eh. Funny because Baby Liza and I were the usherettes. In our batch, we're both heavy weights. Our partners, on the other hand, were Ken and Ardee who were both light weights. 1010 nga raw eh.

Ken was not able to attend the wedding because he woke up late in the morning and he did not make it to the wedding ceremony.

I saw Toto Van, cousin-in-law ni Mark. Seeing Toto Van made me think of Mark. It reminded me how much I love Mark. I also love the characters sa family ni Mark. I find them interesting. Of course, they have their problems pero okay pa rin sila. I bet di ako nakilala ni Toto Van kase nakamake-up ako pero wala siyang magawa kase ako ang unang bumati sa kanya. nagtaka kase ako kung bakit nasa Lipa sila eh sa ABS nagwowork yun, sabi niya may kino-cover sila about the Pondong Batangan.

Reception was held at Blu Roze Farms and Wildlife. The place was the prettiest in Lipa. It was my second time to attend a wedding reception there. Tita Roselle, Ate Emily's friend, hosted the program. The whole entourage was introduced and we had to walk down the red-carpeted aisle. The floors were slippery, good thing there was the carpet. However, many of us kind of stumbled because the carpet was mislaid.

Included in our table were Dra. Myra, Rizza (Rocky's sister)--she's pretty, Glenda, Kristel, me, Baby Liza, Gela, Lovely Diane, and Bless. Gela, Lovely Diane, and Bless were the flower girls. And Bless was the youngestof them. Bless was funny, amazing and cute. She looked cute because she was such a little girl who was trying to act like a lady.

Glenda caught the boquet. Ricky caught the garter. It was funny because Ricky was gay and his co-dentist were teasing him. Buti hindi ako ang nakakuha ng boquet kase makikita nila ang logs ko, eh legs pala.

Before we went back to the compound, we ate the cake. I told Baby Liza that we should eat that cake, so we would be married to thee guy we love. She asked if it were true. Hehe...I just made it up but I decided to believe that and so I told her yes. I was thinking about Mark while eating the cake.

Sa compound, there was still a celebration. We couldn't go inside Ate Gina's house because it was packed with other visitors and so we decided to stay at he back of Ate Goyee's house where people could see us, it was like an extension of Ate Gina's after official-reception reception. Then Ate Goyee and Kuya Benny allowed us to use one of their videoke machines. We set up the table for some drinking and singing. After some songs, Tiyo Ino came and danced.He was known to dance foolishly whenever he was drunk. But instead of stopping him, we urged him to dance more and we danced with him. Kuya Dennis then asked us to sing lively danceable songs. From then on we danced and sang for hours. All of us were like possessed or high on beer, coke, and fatty pulutan. Kuya Boy, Kuya Roland, Kuya Val danced. Kuya Dennis danced, Ate Lagreng and Ate Goyee danced also. Syempre lalo na kaming mga bata. Our relatives from San Isidro went there and they saw us dancing like crazy. They were so amazed that they couldn't help but laugh. They couldn't believe their eyes.

I remembered that Mother's day would be that next day so I told Glenda that we should sing a song for our mothers. We sang Mama of Spice Girls. Okay naman siya.

We were exhausted after that that we decided to call it a night.

Pictures ko:

Ate Gina loves green kaya yun ang motif.

Okay ba?

Ngayon lang yan.


Last May 1, my family, relatives and I went to Antipolo Church in Antipolo, Rizal. We've been celebrating mass there since I was seven. It becomes a tradition for us. This year, Antipolo City had the Sumakah Festival where there was a street dance contest. A lot of people joined and they were all wearing colorful and meaningful costumes.

This year my cousins and I were not able to go inside the church because it was really hot and humid inside that a lot of people have thrown up already, the smell of their vomit was nauseating.

We had the usual cashew nuts and rosary shopping. After that, we left and went to Ate Lagreng's house in Marikina. We stayed there until night.

Lots of issues were discussed. The discussions were successful in a way. I didn't participate in it but I was able to bond with my cousins. We talked about the harsh realities of our own love life. I hope mine won't be tragic.

Back to Work

This morning, after filing for my leave, I saw the rallyists making their way out of my workplace but then the group of western policemen stopped them, locking the main gate. This is how democracy works in the Philippines.

Watch how uprisings will be made. Sooner or later, these people will finally be successful in trying to change the government. Filipinos are not that stupid. Some day when they finally cannot tolerate hunger, they will either rob the rich politicians and other multimillionaire, or overthrow the administration or the system of government itself and turn this country into a socialist/communist country.

Enough about that, yesterday my patience was really tried and tested. Thing is, my customers were successful.

Part of my work is to help out in every stages of our work if ever I am not the main dispensing pharmacist for the shift.

One customer was accussing me of making her stupid. That time I was at the "Employees' Lane" counter helping in the processing and screening of prescriptions. Then that lady approached me.

"Are you an employee?" I asked.
"No," she answered. I told her to fall in line with the rest of the customers. Then she started to make a scene.

I was not making her stupid, she was already stupid because she doesn't know how to read that the window I was in that she was trying to give her request to was for employees only. I had the option of either helping my co-worker in processing the requests or fill requests instead.

Another customer was doubtful if what we were giving them were really an official receipt. Hello! There were the words : OFFICIAL RECEIPT, so it's abvious that it's official.

I not only encountered irritating/annoying customers but weirdoes. No they were not our customers, they were people around me.

One time, my friend Edra and I were eating at Chowking and a lady sat beside us. We were catching up on each other's lives when suddenly, that bizarre lady took one tissue from our table and put her chewing gum in it and placed that tissue on our table again. Rude! But she looked insane so Edra and I just tried to ignore her. It was creepy by the way.

Another one was the girl sitting behind me in the bus I was riding on the way home. I didn't know what got into her basta I was shocked to see her fungus-infested foot almost touching my face. Nagulat talaga ako! napatingin sa likod at nagtaray sa pinaka-diplomatic na paraan. Good thing she wasn't stubborn or else, I was ready to bring out my nail cutter and cut the flesh of her foot.

Love life...Mark decided not to go here in the Philippines this year. Oh well, I don't know what will happen to us. Suddenly, I really have one reason to be lonely.


It's gonna be Mother's Day soon, I hope people would blog about their mothers.


Have you ever been in love? Tell me what it's like.

Strong Faith, Strong Parish

That's how most Lipenos described themselves. And last April 30, Lipa celebrated it 400th year of Christian faith, and 100th year of San Sebastian Cathedral/Lipa Parish. Our Archbishop asked every Lipenos to attend the mass last April 30 and we were requested to wear baro't saya just like old times. This was symbolizing how Lipenos faith to the church and to God (of course) remained strong throughout the years.

I felt honored because I witnessed this celebration. The next celebration would be 100 years from now. The Archbishop and other parish priests decided to have time capsule containing photos, letters for the future Archbishop to read.

A lot of people, well almost all people arrived wearing kimono, baro't saya. The rich wore pure satin/silk, middle-lower class wore simple baro't saya.

All of the present and past parish priests of Lipa went there. Most of the priests have stayed so long in Lipa and they played important role in the strengthening of our faith and I have to admit that I am really missing these people. I miss their messages and how they make me understand God and what He wants.

Saka na muna yung pics.


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