Last May 1, my family, relatives and I went to Antipolo Church in Antipolo, Rizal. We've been celebrating mass there since I was seven. It becomes a tradition for us. This year, Antipolo City had the Sumakah Festival where there was a street dance contest. A lot of people joined and they were all wearing colorful and meaningful costumes.

This year my cousins and I were not able to go inside the church because it was really hot and humid inside that a lot of people have thrown up already, the smell of their vomit was nauseating.

We had the usual cashew nuts and rosary shopping. After that, we left and went to Ate Lagreng's house in Marikina. We stayed there until night.

Lots of issues were discussed. The discussions were successful in a way. I didn't participate in it but I was able to bond with my cousins. We talked about the harsh realities of our own love life. I hope mine won't be tragic.

Back to Work

This morning, after filing for my leave, I saw the rallyists making their way out of my workplace but then the group of western policemen stopped them, locking the main gate. This is how democracy works in the Philippines.

Watch how uprisings will be made. Sooner or later, these people will finally be successful in trying to change the government. Filipinos are not that stupid. Some day when they finally cannot tolerate hunger, they will either rob the rich politicians and other multimillionaire, or overthrow the administration or the system of government itself and turn this country into a socialist/communist country.

Enough about that, yesterday my patience was really tried and tested. Thing is, my customers were successful.

Part of my work is to help out in every stages of our work if ever I am not the main dispensing pharmacist for the shift.

One customer was accussing me of making her stupid. That time I was at the "Employees' Lane" counter helping in the processing and screening of prescriptions. Then that lady approached me.

"Are you an employee?" I asked.
"No," she answered. I told her to fall in line with the rest of the customers. Then she started to make a scene.

I was not making her stupid, she was already stupid because she doesn't know how to read that the window I was in that she was trying to give her request to was for employees only. I had the option of either helping my co-worker in processing the requests or fill requests instead.

Another customer was doubtful if what we were giving them were really an official receipt. Hello! There were the words : OFFICIAL RECEIPT, so it's abvious that it's official.

I not only encountered irritating/annoying customers but weirdoes. No they were not our customers, they were people around me.

One time, my friend Edra and I were eating at Chowking and a lady sat beside us. We were catching up on each other's lives when suddenly, that bizarre lady took one tissue from our table and put her chewing gum in it and placed that tissue on our table again. Rude! But she looked insane so Edra and I just tried to ignore her. It was creepy by the way.

Another one was the girl sitting behind me in the bus I was riding on the way home. I didn't know what got into her basta I was shocked to see her fungus-infested foot almost touching my face. Nagulat talaga ako! napatingin sa likod at nagtaray sa pinaka-diplomatic na paraan. Good thing she wasn't stubborn or else, I was ready to bring out my nail cutter and cut the flesh of her foot.

Love life...Mark decided not to go here in the Philippines this year. Oh well, I don't know what will happen to us. Suddenly, I really have one reason to be lonely.


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