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There are new ways or solutions come to all my worries. God is really good. I just hope that things go well. I've worked hard for my dreams. That is why I deserve to have those dreams come true.

I've realized that I have had my share of difficulties. But my life has never been this easy right now. If he brings pain, then why is my life this easy? Maybe he really is the one for me.

My Gift

I have received my Christmas gift from God earlier. My Mom got out of the hospital and is now recovering. That's great, right?=)

One new life is on his way here on earth. A nephew. I hope he's healthy and cute.

I am taking this special course and I hope to get a lot from it.

People in my part of the world are happy and excited. Christmas is definitely in the air because of the music, decorations, and climate.


I've got colds. After a very long time, my throat is itchy and inflammed and I have runny nose. I guess all the stress I've been through is finally taking its toll on my body.

Can I just rest tomorrow?


This is the only time after a long time that I indian-sit here in front of the computer and surf the net. I've been busy being a caregiver/watcher. I've mentioned before that my Mom just got discharged from our local hospital a week ago. After being discharged, we could not allow her to work again. And so we have to manage our humble store. I have to wake up early than my usual wake-up time. I have to stay and manage our store. Good thing I'm off duty for several days. I thought that when I went back to work, I could rest after, but no, E, my special someone was admitted due to dengue fever and typhoid fever. He was admitted at the hospital where we both work in. So I would go on duty during the morning and be his watcher at night. It was exhausting. He got discharged this morning. But then again, he could not bring my stuff back here in my boarding house so I have to carry all of these. BUT I have to go to school first. I had to do my assignments while fixing my stuff. I'm telling you, it's really exhausting.

Anyway, I have an interesting day because while waiting for my class, I saw a familiar face at the usual Nursing tambayan/place. I greeted him and sat in front of him. His name is Angelo, I think, but people call him Bayani because he looks like Bayani Agbayani. I met him from work because he's one of the medical representatives in my hiospital. Then we were introduced formally by E. Anyway, I chatted with him a little then I found out that he was studying for an exam this saturday. He was a law student. I took the opportunity to ask him about RA 9502 about the Cheaper Medicines Act. I know I was a bit insensitive because he was supposed to study but there I was aking him about another law. He was nice to explain the law to me. I really appreciated it. I felt great knowing that someone is nice enough to explain the world to me. Not really the world but it feels that way.=)

But I'm now here. Though, I no longer have an electric fan because my land lady broke it, I don't really care because I just want to lie down and have a few hours of rest.

With all of these, I know that something GREAT is about to happen. I'm anticipating all the goodness.=)


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