What better way to beat loneliness than to blog the night away. I have my options really but I just don't want to drink and listen to live bands. I just want to blog, listen to music, and reflect.

I finished the Wolf Brother Book. I am craving for more of Michelle Paver's book.

Raymond and I were supposed to meet tonight but he has an important stuff to attend to. And I was thinking of going home early tomorrow but I have to buy meds.

Anyway, I'll have my long vacation next week!


Yesterday hostage-taking/drama happened near Manila City Hall. I am not sure if I should consider that guy a hero for wanting the best for the 154 children. I think there are still other ways to attain that for not only 150+ students but to millions. It just takes planning.

I've been gone for quite a while. I am trying to cut up on some expenses. Trying to be independent is really hard work especially when you're in Manila.

I learned a lot of things. I appreciate the simple things. And since I can't really stay much longer in the mall, I went home early. And out of boredom I fetched a book from my drawer. Wolf Brother. I started reading it and now I'm hooked.

Lessons learned:

  • Difference between a wolf and a wolverine
  • characteristic of wolves
  • ancient hunters
  • cultures and traditions of ancient hunters
  • geography

That's about it. My week has been a dull routine. But I am grateful and happy nonetheless.


Blessings and Opinions

My bro graduated yesterday--finally after six years in college. He's not dumb--he just shifted a lot. My niece Kristel also graduated. Time flies so fast. I think they really enjoyed their college days. And I guess, I will also miss the people that my bro brought along in our house--his bandmates, his friends. But that's life. I consider this a great blessing for us. I hope my brother becomes successful in life.

Anyway, call me paranoid but I am really afraid because of my stupidity. See, I work in the biggest government hospital in the country, therefore, lots of sick people around. This afternoon, when I couldn't bear my the growling of my stomach, I excused myself and wenty to the food court. On my way back, I was opening the package when it fell down. I picked it up and I was having the dilemma whether to eat it or not since the inner package was the one who actually touched the ground. But the glutton in me won and so I took some bites. Now I am really worried.

I just hate to be sick.

Usapang PBB. I watched last night's episode and I can really conclude now that Zeke is an asshole! I couldn't believe that he would do that to Dionne. As for Dionne, who wouldn't be attracted to a handsome guy you spend time with 24/7? And I guess she has the right to assume that maybe Zeke did like him because he was not really doing anything to stop her from flirting with him. And he sometimes provoked Dionne. And on the violent act thing, it's not a violent act for me because as Dionne told BB, it was just her way of paglalambing. And if Zeke was really hurt he should have told her immediately right then and there. Not after BB called them to explain.

And if Dionne gets evicted because of that violation--swear, BB has such a narrow mind.

My Back Hurts

I hope things will finally go my way. It's time to bloom once again. I don't want to be angry anymore. I don't want everyone to hate me. It's time to relax even for a while.

As usual I went to work, tried to beat the time in processing prescriptions. Went back and forth from CB to Main. It's Jhonna and Jessa's blowout at Main and I happened to be there to submit some stuff. I had my merienda there.

I don't know if it's the constant arguments with my deceitful customers but I am really tired nowadays that I dread going to work because I don't want any more arguments. I don't mind the throngs of people trying to avail free medicines but I just hate it when they make you stupid or at least they try. I hate it when people who fake prescriptions and guarantee letters are still able to get away with it. I hate to serve those who don't deserve to be served. I don't mind helping people, I just don't want to be abused.

And so I hope to God that I will be able to get a better job. Because this is more than I can take.

Anyway, tomorrow is a saturday and I'm excited to watch pbb. Then my brother will graduate on sunday.

Enjoy the weekends everyone!


I watched MONAY ni Mr. Shooli and it's a funny movie. Movie about the Filipinos. Funny and sad because Mr. Shooli has proven a point. Yes, we really need revolution--big change within ourselves.

Do any of you still know who Marcelo H. del Pilar is? Or Antonio Luna? Or Juan Luna? What is democracy?

A lot of issues are tackled. I especially like the jingle PBA--Pulitika, Basketball, Artista. The stages of entering politics.

I recommend you to watch this.

Amateur Poetry

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Until when can you take it?
Until when should you go on?
Heart bruised...hopes broken...
Where can you find salvation...

If you go to the mountains
Or under the sea
Or around hundreds of people...
Will you ever find peace?

Should you always fight
For what you want and need?
Should you always hurt yourself
By hurting others?

Should you always give way?
Should you always usher others
to success...
Until when...
This is the most that I can do to make my blog look summery. Anyway, additional candidates that people should vote for are Manny Villar and Ping Lacson. Enough about that. Let's go to PBB. I am such an addict that I was losing sleep trying to watch it.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I vioted for Jeremy 10 times because I like his personality plus he cried a lot of times and he seemed to love his mother that much. And it's just unfair that ABS chose Bodie. Actually, I also voted for Bodie once but I have my support on Jeremy. I don't think that ABSCBN really valuedour text votes. I guess they just chose between the 4. They chose Bodie because of Tirso Cruz...hello he still has strong connection. Sorry Bodie but you put yourself in the limelight and you already told the whole world that Tirso Cruz III is your father. So I guess, you will get lots of favors because people already know. And Maricris. I don't like her. I'd rather have Mikah there in the house instead of her. Because she has been bitchy. Maybe there is something more to her. Maybe I am just misundrstanding her but right now, I think she better be nice because again, she chose to put herself in the limelight. Mikah is better off being a nurse. Showbiz is so uncertain that nursing is the better option for her.

I watched Fearless yesterday and the fight between Marquez and Barerra was really action-packed. I consider it the greatest battle I've seen. Too bad Barerra lost.

Maybe I shouldn't take sides because people I chose (in a game/fight) lost. It just makes me disappointed.

That's it for now. Happy summer everyone!


Election campaign is now ongoing and right now without even having to listen to their campaigns and even without seeing them or handshaking with them, I have my list of senators (no idea for the locals yet) to vote. Too bad I am not registered. But still I know those who can really do something good if not great for this country:

1. Chiz Escudero
2. Joker Arroyo
3. Francis Pangilinan
4. Ralph Recto (although you make unnecessary laws/bills)
5. Miguel Zubiri
6. Peter Cayetano
7. Tito Sotto

That's it for now.

Why I like them and why I think they're going to do good things? I always see their names as guarantors for those who are in need--health wise. They know how to use our taxes for our own good. Escudero, Arroyo, Pangilinan, Cayetano, and Zubiri always give help to the masses. And also Ramon Magsaysay, Jr but I do not know if he will run for the senate again or maybe his term isn't over yet.

Anyway, I'm still researching on domain purchasing and since I still don't have my own computer, maybe I'll be able to buy my own some other time.


I was home alone last night (more of boarding house/room alone) and I had nothing to do--no tv, no radio. Good thing I have karaoke on my cellphone and so I sang the night away. Wala lang.

Can anyone give me information on how to buy a domain?

Say It Right

Music Video Codes By Music Jesus.com

I really like this song now. I can't really understand the meaning of the song but my heart does.

Anyway, I went to a nearby bookstore where medical books are primarily sold. Grabe, sarap tumingin ng mga libro. Lalo na siguro kapag nasa clinical practice ako.

I want a challenge--the good challenge. Like a challenging work--say clinical practice or compounding.



Last Wednesday I watched the Pursuit of Happyness. It's timely to watch it because right now I feel like I am entering that stage in my life again. But I know I will survive in the end.

Last night I attended a product presentation again. Another night of fun and insights.

I also got to watch PBB and I have a crush on one of the housemates--Bruce. The guy who used to be from UP Maroons. I just like the way he looked--tall, dark and handsome.

Hopefully I get to the boarding house before our landlord does or I'll spend the night listening to his religious music/INC channel in the background.

Happy Teeth

I talked with my Dad last Sunday...the thing is--my father is dead. Hehe...I went to the cemetery and talked with him about my dreams. I asked for his permission. I hope he will finally allow me.

My Mom is weird to have this fortune-teller friend and she said that my dad doesn't want something that I'm really longing for. I've been alive for 25 years now and if there is one thing that I can't really bear--it's not trying hard enough. I will never stop until I am able to get what I want.

Persecution comes in small doses, nowadays. Even in church. There are lots of religious people around whom reminded me of the early Jews. They sometimes make me think about faith. I am sometimes on the verge of disimissing my faith just because of them. But I should know better. Lots of trials and blessing have come into my life--proofs that God is powerful and that He loves me. Maybe, I just want to be alone in my world--allowing God to be the only being inside--with me. A world where I can think of a plan, implement it, and be successful with it.

"Hanggang pangarap ka na lang ba?" I know I have to make it happen NOW.

Please. Please. Please. Make it happen NOW.


New header...I saw Renz' site kase and we have the same header...I googled the image...it's summer already and I am excited as always.

Last Sunday, I went to the mall with my brother and my cousin. We watched Sitti perform. I was surprised to see that my bro and my cousin were smitten by her. Kaaliw! I seldom see them admit that a girl is pretty--they're always pretending that they have high taste in women...in fairness, Sitti is pretty. I like her music, too.

I wore red today and my leather shoes...my officemates were surprised--shocked? Maybe...


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