Election campaign is now ongoing and right now without even having to listen to their campaigns and even without seeing them or handshaking with them, I have my list of senators (no idea for the locals yet) to vote. Too bad I am not registered. But still I know those who can really do something good if not great for this country:

1. Chiz Escudero
2. Joker Arroyo
3. Francis Pangilinan
4. Ralph Recto (although you make unnecessary laws/bills)
5. Miguel Zubiri
6. Peter Cayetano
7. Tito Sotto

That's it for now.

Why I like them and why I think they're going to do good things? I always see their names as guarantors for those who are in need--health wise. They know how to use our taxes for our own good. Escudero, Arroyo, Pangilinan, Cayetano, and Zubiri always give help to the masses. And also Ramon Magsaysay, Jr but I do not know if he will run for the senate again or maybe his term isn't over yet.

Anyway, I'm still researching on domain purchasing and since I still don't have my own computer, maybe I'll be able to buy my own some other time.


Yen Prieto said...

Its a shame that I cant exercise my right to vote. I have never voted.. Its just makes me feel sorry to see our own country not progressing kahit iboto pa ntin lahat ng sa tingin ntin magagaling. I dont like to think that our country is hopeless... =(

aCey said...

i can't vote, too. lol. anyway, i like chiz escudero because he's smart. but i don't know him very well. migs zubiri, i met him and i will never forget where and what he said. he said something like: i may look like magellan, but my blood is lapu-lapu's. it made me laugh. hehe. share lang po, ate jas. hehe. thanks for sharing, though and for ebcouraging to research more.

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