Missing Malcolm

I just want to share this song...from the tv series Malcolm in the Middle.

Boss Of Me - They Might Be Giants

Lessons Learned in 2008

This serves as a year-ender post/welcoming 2009/and birthday post...

1. Wag ipilit ang sarili sa taong hindi ka gusto. Move on...I learned this the hard way...

2. If you want something, take the risk...just like meeting new friends, learning something new, or simply getting to know a guy you like...

3. Read positive books and listen to positive music...

4. The secret is within each one of us...just like in Kung Fu Panda...:)

5. There is always hope.

6. People can change for the better...and for the best.
Before, I have this very quick temper, and it always puts me in trouble. People always
complain against me. Because of that I became even meaner. But I got tired of frowning
and being angry, and so slowly, painfully, but surely, I tried to change myself--to be
better. I've got help and I am thankful for that. And guess what--with all that has
happened--I have changed for the better...

This 2009, my goal is to become the best that I can be!


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