Rereading my older posts and I am thinking if I should rewrite it--to make it better. Maybe I will do that. Maybe not. I realize now that I should just write, write, write and I shouldn't have thought whether people would read or visit this blog. I would have more fun maybe.

Well, it's never too late to have fun blogging. I love blogging. But now I'm free to express more of myself.

I will go home in a little while.

Dear God

I know I'm asking for too much. But I really really want a Macbook. Can You give me one? Thanks.


Internet Protect my a**

Kaya naman pala hindi ako agad maka-connect eh dahil sa settings na yan...kaya nga may anti-virus eh...ano ba...part na ng internet yan. Maraming kumikita dyan. Nakakasayang ng oras at nakakaubos ng pasensya!!!


I'm so busy with my future--who isn't? Hehe...

I'm going home today. I miss my cute niece. I miss my family.

June will be a month for adjustment again. I really hope that my studies will push through. I need to do something--to upgrade myself.


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