I attended my friend's wedding last night.

Speaking of, while doing the laundry, I remembered Ashton Kutcher and his movie What Happens in Vegas with Cameron Diaz.  It's one of my favorite movie and guess what--it was what on cable a while ago!  The power of attraction!!!

Life is so good!!! :)



I've found my groove. I'm happy and motivated again to stay on this lifestyle change.

I even bug a friend to try the farmer's market in Canada.  Since she's already there and has an easy access to that kind of market--then why not take the opportunity.  For someone like me, on the outside looking in, I have yet to wait for the day when I am finally in a place where I can buy all the healthy stuff that I want and eat them. :)

I also jogged this afternoon.  It's still easy for me to move.  I want to go back to dancing as part of my exercise.  Dancing makes me happy.  Anyway, exercise makes me happy but I'll be much happier if I also dance.

It's Monday again tomorrow and that means work.  I am going to enjoy work.

I am happy and I am thankful.

Remebering Dad

I've been pursuing a dream for several years now.  And recent events have made me think that maybe that dream I've been pursuing has a reason why it isn't for me, at least right now.

Some people told my Mom that the reason why I can't have my dream is because my Dad won't allow me to.

See, my Dad has been gone for 6 years now.  He died of hemorrhagic stroke.  Hearing that comment made me think of the universe and a much greater power that prevent me from making my dream come true.

For years that is what I've been thinking.

Until recently, I've realized something.

My Dad is not the cause why I can't have my dream.  He's even SUPPORTING me even though he's been gone a long time.  The pension he left my Mom has been a great help for me to have my dreams come true.  My Mom has been using that to finance my dream.  Even if he's gone, he still continues to help us.  Why wouldn't he want to have my dream come true?  He's been there for me all this time.  He's still that kind soul who SUPPORTS us all the way.

I'm SO LUCKY and BLESSED to have parents like them.  Both of them are exceptional individuals.
And to my Dad, THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!!!


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A Writer

I've been writing since the start of this month about work stuff.  That's okay.  I'm enjoying it.

Anyway, since my Mom's birthday has come and gone, and I haven't really given her anything special, I'm thinking of doing something special for her.  She's diabetic and I just want to do something that she will enjoy despite her condition.

Can you suggest anything?

Another topic...my back has been giving me discomfort and I realized that it is because of my bad posture.  I never noticed it before because I was always standing and walking then.  I seldom sit down.  But now that I'm always typing away, I've felt the discomfort.

Good thing, I was able to read some yoga pose for the back.  They've been very helpful.

Life is good.

Looking New

There's a new feature from blogger...maybe it isn't so new but hey...I've been happy with my past layout...anyway...I have a new layout care of blogger and it is quite nice don't you think?:)

Where have the weekends go?  I have procastinated again in front of the television and now I am cramming--sleepless night again?

I promise that I will never do this again.  I will do my work as early as possible so I won't cram like this.  Stress out of the way!  I know sometimes stress is needed...but not all the time.

Here I am ranting...anyway...I still feel good because of this layout.

Enjoy the rest of the day!:)

Flavor of the Week

Last week, I ate chicken barbecue almost every lunch.

This week, I think I will eat canned tuna maybe almost every lunch.

Canned tuna is my lunch today. I don’t have a can opener with me, good thing there is E to save my day!:) It was nice of him to give me a glass of water, too while I read others’ blogs. I truly appreciate that.

They say canned tuna or tuna is rich in omega-3 that is good for the heart. I love my heart.<3

I’ m gonna attend my niece wedding tonight and I have some shopping to do;)

God is good

I feel the warmth of a miracle embracing my heart. Miracles do happen. I just have to believe. In time everything will fall into place. They say everything happens for a reason. I believe that. I may not know the reason now, but I will know eventually.

God is there to constantly love me because He created me.

I deserve all the good things in this world and to the after life in God's kingdom.

I am happy.

Body's Friend

One word. Antioxidant.
According to Healthcastle.com
Antioxidants are substances or nutrients in our foods which can prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body. When our body cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free radicals (by-products) which can cause damage. Antioxidants act as "free radical scavengers" and hence prevent and repair damage done by these free radicals.
If we take in antioxidants then we can protect our cells from the harmful effects of stress.
Fruits such as blueberries, cranberries, and blackberries, vegetables like beans, artichoke hearts, nuts like pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts are some of the food very rich in antioxidant (according to Dr. Kim) One of the challenges in our everyday diet is how to incorporate a variety of antioxidants, especially here in this tropical country where eating right is a challenge because there is no cranberries, blackberries here for example.
Thank God because of the many different innovations that make these antioxidants available. That is what I'm going to write about next time.
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