I've found my groove. I'm happy and motivated again to stay on this lifestyle change.

I even bug a friend to try the farmer's market in Canada.  Since she's already there and has an easy access to that kind of market--then why not take the opportunity.  For someone like me, on the outside looking in, I have yet to wait for the day when I am finally in a place where I can buy all the healthy stuff that I want and eat them. :)

I also jogged this afternoon.  It's still easy for me to move.  I want to go back to dancing as part of my exercise.  Dancing makes me happy.  Anyway, exercise makes me happy but I'll be much happier if I also dance.

It's Monday again tomorrow and that means work.  I am going to enjoy work.

I am happy and I am thankful.


MM said...

I wish I can also find my groove back especially with physical fitness. Waaaah! Uy, link me up na.

jassy said...

ni link na kita...andun sa blog list :)

MM said...

Ay! Hahaha! Thanks! Wag kang magalit. :p

richard said...

glad you've found a groove that works for you.

Feeling purposeful and energized is a great feeling.

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