Happy Teeth

I talked with my Dad last Sunday...the thing is--my father is dead. Hehe...I went to the cemetery and talked with him about my dreams. I asked for his permission. I hope he will finally allow me.

My Mom is weird to have this fortune-teller friend and she said that my dad doesn't want something that I'm really longing for. I've been alive for 25 years now and if there is one thing that I can't really bear--it's not trying hard enough. I will never stop until I am able to get what I want.

Persecution comes in small doses, nowadays. Even in church. There are lots of religious people around whom reminded me of the early Jews. They sometimes make me think about faith. I am sometimes on the verge of disimissing my faith just because of them. But I should know better. Lots of trials and blessing have come into my life--proofs that God is powerful and that He loves me. Maybe, I just want to be alone in my world--allowing God to be the only being inside--with me. A world where I can think of a plan, implement it, and be successful with it.

"Hanggang pangarap ka na lang ba?" I know I have to make it happen NOW.

Please. Please. Please. Make it happen NOW.


Kai said...

Don't stress yourself too much over it. You can do it ;)

Lica said...

It'll happen in God's own time. If it'e meant for you, makukuha mo talaga yun. Good luck in whatever it is you're praying for. :)

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Havva nice day! :)

THINZ said...

if it's meant to be, it'll happen.. in the right time... so don't stress too much.. kaya mo yan..

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