Last Wednesday I watched the Pursuit of Happyness. It's timely to watch it because right now I feel like I am entering that stage in my life again. But I know I will survive in the end.

Last night I attended a product presentation again. Another night of fun and insights.

I also got to watch PBB and I have a crush on one of the housemates--Bruce. The guy who used to be from UP Maroons. I just like the way he looked--tall, dark and handsome.

Hopefully I get to the boarding house before our landlord does or I'll spend the night listening to his religious music/INC channel in the background.


Yen Prieto said...

ive read a lot of good reviews about that film kaya naman im intrigued to see it...

lica said...

nice ba yung pursuit of happiness? i really really wanna see it. pero i think matagal pa yun darating dito samin..we're one month delayed pag movies hehehe

Cute nga yung Bruce guy, pero loyal pa rin ako kay Ezikiel..hehehe

ako nga rin, goal ko sana yung 10,000 visitors, sayang nga kasi 8000+ na yung sa old site ko. 7900+ ka na..lapit na!! :)

日月神教-任我行 said...

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