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My bro graduated yesterday--finally after six years in college. He's not dumb--he just shifted a lot. My niece Kristel also graduated. Time flies so fast. I think they really enjoyed their college days. And I guess, I will also miss the people that my bro brought along in our house--his bandmates, his friends. But that's life. I consider this a great blessing for us. I hope my brother becomes successful in life.

Anyway, call me paranoid but I am really afraid because of my stupidity. See, I work in the biggest government hospital in the country, therefore, lots of sick people around. This afternoon, when I couldn't bear my the growling of my stomach, I excused myself and wenty to the food court. On my way back, I was opening the package when it fell down. I picked it up and I was having the dilemma whether to eat it or not since the inner package was the one who actually touched the ground. But the glutton in me won and so I took some bites. Now I am really worried.

I just hate to be sick.

Usapang PBB. I watched last night's episode and I can really conclude now that Zeke is an asshole! I couldn't believe that he would do that to Dionne. As for Dionne, who wouldn't be attracted to a handsome guy you spend time with 24/7? And I guess she has the right to assume that maybe Zeke did like him because he was not really doing anything to stop her from flirting with him. And he sometimes provoked Dionne. And on the violent act thing, it's not a violent act for me because as Dionne told BB, it was just her way of paglalambing. And if Zeke was really hurt he should have told her immediately right then and there. Not after BB called them to explain.

And if Dionne gets evicted because of that violation--swear, BB has such a narrow mind.


fjl said...

You will die of tb for sure. ;-)

Yen Prieto said...

haha anu ba napaparanoid ka lang po :)

naiintriga tlaga ako jan sa PBB n yan.. kc naman GMA pinoy tv subscriber kami hndi TFC eh,,, kainis

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