I've got colds. After a very long time, my throat is itchy and inflammed and I have runny nose. I guess all the stress I've been through is finally taking its toll on my body.

Can I just rest tomorrow?


Richard said...

Oh, no! I am sorry. I hope you are starting to feel better. It is 4 days since the opst and a cold typically lasts 7-10 days, so you are either just approaching the worst of it or you are already on the mend.

Definitely rest. Rest as much as you can. The body often needs more time to recover than we think it does (although, there are exceptions, those who never seem to recover).

jassy said...

i'm already on the mend...good thing my family let me rest when i went home last thursday=)

richard said...

Well, I hope they at least also brought you some hot lemon tea with honey.

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