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I got teary-eyed, but nonetheless I still have it my heart, the hope that someday I would get to walk down the aisle while my groom would wait for me to bring me to the altar. I believe in marriage.

Last Saturday, the whole Titular (herein the Philippines) woke up as early as 5 in the morning and prepared for the wedding of our beloved Ate Gina and Kuya Rocky. Truth is I was excited because it's been a decade, I guess, since I last joined in the entourage. And I have a feeling this will be my last.

We arrived in the church late because of the traffic in our hometown, too many cars, too narrow streets. I served as an usherette so I was tasked to give out crosage. My first attempt was even embarrassing. I thought he was a ninong, he turned out to be the bestman. Hehe...

The ceremony went fine; however, bad trip yung organizer sa church because the ushers and usherettes were not allowed to walk down the aisle and we have to assist everyone. No pics, more work. That was fine though we were all pretty naman eh. Funny because Baby Liza and I were the usherettes. In our batch, we're both heavy weights. Our partners, on the other hand, were Ken and Ardee who were both light weights. 1010 nga raw eh.

Ken was not able to attend the wedding because he woke up late in the morning and he did not make it to the wedding ceremony.

I saw Toto Van, cousin-in-law ni Mark. Seeing Toto Van made me think of Mark. It reminded me how much I love Mark. I also love the characters sa family ni Mark. I find them interesting. Of course, they have their problems pero okay pa rin sila. I bet di ako nakilala ni Toto Van kase nakamake-up ako pero wala siyang magawa kase ako ang unang bumati sa kanya. nagtaka kase ako kung bakit nasa Lipa sila eh sa ABS nagwowork yun, sabi niya may kino-cover sila about the Pondong Batangan.

Reception was held at Blu Roze Farms and Wildlife. The place was the prettiest in Lipa. It was my second time to attend a wedding reception there. Tita Roselle, Ate Emily's friend, hosted the program. The whole entourage was introduced and we had to walk down the red-carpeted aisle. The floors were slippery, good thing there was the carpet. However, many of us kind of stumbled because the carpet was mislaid.

Included in our table were Dra. Myra, Rizza (Rocky's sister)--she's pretty, Glenda, Kristel, me, Baby Liza, Gela, Lovely Diane, and Bless. Gela, Lovely Diane, and Bless were the flower girls. And Bless was the youngestof them. Bless was funny, amazing and cute. She looked cute because she was such a little girl who was trying to act like a lady.

Glenda caught the boquet. Ricky caught the garter. It was funny because Ricky was gay and his co-dentist were teasing him. Buti hindi ako ang nakakuha ng boquet kase makikita nila ang logs ko, eh legs pala.

Before we went back to the compound, we ate the cake. I told Baby Liza that we should eat that cake, so we would be married to thee guy we love. She asked if it were true. Hehe...I just made it up but I decided to believe that and so I told her yes. I was thinking about Mark while eating the cake.

Sa compound, there was still a celebration. We couldn't go inside Ate Gina's house because it was packed with other visitors and so we decided to stay at he back of Ate Goyee's house where people could see us, it was like an extension of Ate Gina's after official-reception reception. Then Ate Goyee and Kuya Benny allowed us to use one of their videoke machines. We set up the table for some drinking and singing. After some songs, Tiyo Ino came and danced.He was known to dance foolishly whenever he was drunk. But instead of stopping him, we urged him to dance more and we danced with him. Kuya Dennis then asked us to sing lively danceable songs. From then on we danced and sang for hours. All of us were like possessed or high on beer, coke, and fatty pulutan. Kuya Boy, Kuya Roland, Kuya Val danced. Kuya Dennis danced, Ate Lagreng and Ate Goyee danced also. Syempre lalo na kaming mga bata. Our relatives from San Isidro went there and they saw us dancing like crazy. They were so amazed that they couldn't help but laugh. They couldn't believe their eyes.

I remembered that Mother's day would be that next day so I told Glenda that we should sing a song for our mothers. We sang Mama of Spice Girls. Okay naman siya.

We were exhausted after that that we decided to call it a night.

Pictures ko:

Ate Gina loves green kaya yun ang motif.

Okay ba?

Ngayon lang yan.


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