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I cannot accept the fact that I have colds. And there is a possibility that this would develop into a flu. Every fiber of my muscles hurt. I would just love to lie around all day and rest but I have to work.

Work. Well, yesterday people at my work were commenting that I was becoming pretty (blooming?) I told them maybe it was because of the clip on my hair and the color of my blouse. They disagreed, still were not able to pinpoint the cause.

To think I am still very much overweight. And I my lovelife is in hiatus so there is really no joy in my heart. My throat was itchy and my ears were painful but I still managed to become beautiful. Then this morning it hit me. Reason for this radiance is Vitamin E. Radiance from within. Maybe it started working yesterday.

I am taking Vitamin E because there is a construction in our area and there are lots of stuff that can cause cancer and other diseases/disorders so I take extra care but I guess it is not enough to protect me against colds.

Everyone, take vitamin E for a radiant skin. Hehe...I just hope this lasts long.

Oh, on a much brighter side, yesterday Sir E asked me if I wanted to join the Clinical Pharmacy Team. Of course! But I didn't know what to answer him so I should not really hope for that but I was happy and flattered because of that. I hope they'll include me in the Clinical Pharmacy Team.

And oh, I was included in the Top 5 Most Compliant Pharmacists in Labelling Loose Tablets. There is a thing like that and I am glad because seniors are able to appreciate our efforts.

More stories, maybe tomorrow...but right now I've got to work.


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Excellent, love it!
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