Ang mundo ko...

Sa puso ko
Sa diwa ko
Sa mundo ko


Sana nga...

Ang mahal ko

Ang mundo ko
Ang mahal ko

Sa puso ko

At ako'y

Sa puso mo
Sa diwa mo'y
Ako rin

03/31/00 Manila


Found these poems at the back of my notes in college. Wow, I didn't know I was able to write long poems. Just sharing these with you.

Batangas Coffee

She was the love you never had
She was the goal you never achieved
She was the girl you can never say yours
Not even in your dreams

You looked at her
She turned away
You smiled at her
She frowned back.

You ran after her
She hided from you
Hoping that your feelings
Would leave her alone.

Your gazes she disliked
She avoided your very shadow
A glance she didn't want to do
That was how it has been

You've been admiring her for ages
But she never realized it
Until you sent her that note
The note that's still in her box

It seemd you've grown tired of loving her
The hope inside became less and less
Until the love and care for the girl
You can never have is gone

Then you've found a gem
The girl you now have
The goal you have achieved
Not only in dreams but also in reality

And the girl you can never have
Though in denial
Is hurt inside because of the truth
The truth--she'd realized

That she'd loved you
Deeper than you've loved her
And sadly though
She'd seen it clear

That you've become the boy
She can never have
Not in reality
Not even in her dreams

07/17/99 1806H Lipa

So-called friends...
They're around
Biting off my neck
They're killing me

Gradually, growing inside
The uneasy feeling
Suddenly I wanted to puke
Let them see the gross sight

What should I doTo avoid throwing up
Should I leave them?
Should I stay loyal?

These so-called friends
Who need them?
I, most certainly don't
Cause I'm a so-called friend, too.

08/24/99 Manila

Stop analyzing my life
You don't know half of me
Stop finding my flaws
You have yours to think about

Can't you see
We've changed now...
Our interests differed
You're you and I'm me...

Stop telling me I'm not a true friend
'Cause we're just the same
The little and seldom concewrns you're giving me
Are not real...

It's just sad to know
We're not the same anymore
The only thing we can do is
To endure acceptance that's all

I don't believe in you now
Sad to say...
You're not worthy of my trust
I hate youy...

08/24/99 Manila


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