Extra Challenge

Part One

Life is like a game or a series of adventure. The mission is to follow this certain path. It would have been easy BUT each one is to carry a cross. For others their crosses are big, and for some theirs are small. But for everyone it sure is heavy. From time to time someone would carry their crosses for them so they can rest. But it is a part of the challenge that each is to bring a cross or more throughout the mission. And if they are able to follow the path, the prize would be eternal happiness. But then there are many other challenges. There are distractions, tragedies and other false eternal happiness. The Master of All (God) who thought of this game provides everyone some special creatures to send messages on how to avoid these traps. He even invented a sort of manual and other procedures to make things easy for everyone. Problem lies when challengers have been misled that they don't know where the real path is anymore.

Humans are the participants in this so-called game. The Master of All gave them a working mind to their benefits. They could use it for just about anything. But then the purpose for that mind is to be enhanced for the mission/goal and that is to follow the path.

And in the path, there are also other responsibilities. But these responsibilities point to one thing: To take care of the gadgets/creatures/inventions of the Master of All that He lent humans so they could easily follow the path.

Maiba Tayo.

I was not able to sleep last night. I've been thinking so hard about love and its many questions.

Why? Why is this happening to me? Why does God allow me to meet this guy who would just ruin my life? Why wouldn't He give me someone who will love me tenderly, someone who would not treat me badly. But I cannot blame God because it has always been my choice.

What? What will happen to me? Can I still hold on? This long distance relationship is going into loser's side more and more everyday.

Who? Who is that one person for me? I believe there is someone for everybody.

When? When will I meet him?

Where? Where will I meet him? Or is he already around?

How? How will we meet? How will I be able to save this dying relationship? How will we forgive each other?

Will I ever be happy? Reason why I am gaining so much weight and unable to lose it is because I am unhappy. Dissatisfied. With myself. With him. Of course, my family loves me and there are many things that I am thankful for, but right now, I am so confused and lonely. Maybe what I need right now is to cry.

Pakibatukan nga ako, pwede ba?


For the last few days that I've spent in my hometown or rather compound, I did not rest and relax. I've spent my time having fun and taking responsibilities.

Last May 25 was my father's birthday and my Mom, Mary Rose, and I went to the cemetery to visit his grave. We had no car or any other vehicle so we just rented a trike. We just spent 20 minutes there but my Mom was able to shed some tears before we left. Athan followed us but we already left.

That night we sponsored the tuklungan and we served the people sopas but then a lot of the people who helped us also took advantage of us and it turned out to be quite a disaster because the 4-kilo sopas did not suffice the people because our helpers took away almost 2 kilos of sopas. Big deal because we were the sponsors and we exerted our efforts and money to share with others but then there are just these kind of people who wanted to be leeches. No merit for them there.

Anyway, my cousin invited these group of young dancers. They really entertained the people. It would have been perfect if not for that disastrous sopas.

I also asked Arjan, my brother's friend and their band's vocalist, to sing songs for that event. He sang really well.

Moreover,, there was this guy who went there to audition for the Amateur Singing Contest to be held this Friday (June 03) and he sang really well also and so Mom asked him if he could sing some songs that night to entertain the people. He sang I think 2 songs and his father sang, too.

The kids danced. Bless, my young and cute cousin, was in the mood to dance that night. Jay-Jay, my 2nd degree nephew danced also and everyone was shouting and laughing because of the kids.

Of course, my sister Mary Rose sang her favorite song Isang Lahi. We weren't there when she sang that song but we knew even from afar that she was the one singing it. Her voice is just unique.

We were exhausted after.

And so the next day, May 26, it was the 18th birthday of my sister and we planned to have a mini-celebration for her birthday. But it was already 6am and everyone in the house was still asleep except for my Mom who was already frantic. And so she gave us her popular wake-up rants. Everyone did get up because of that even me. I went to our store as early as 7am to help there. We, Ardee (my 2nd degree nephew) and Mary Rose, were talking what happened that morning and we all blamed our precious Kleng for not doing her responsibilities. But we were happy and still excited nonetheless.

We prepared for the food. We made sure that we have enough food to feed the whole community. Pansit would suffice. A lot of them were again trying to stop my Mom from permitting to cook other dishes but I told them never to underestimate the people of our community. And I was right, I was shocked where all those people came from. There were lots of them. I could not even speak or sing because I was thinking of the food and the mess we would have to clean and how I would not be able to help them because I had to work the next day. Haha...forgive me but I am the ate so I have to think of those things.

I would have wanted to give my sister a better celebration with the 18 candles, roses, balloons, and gifts, and also the coutillion (?) but then our situation now is different from before. I am sure she understood but still she is the youngest and it's her debut. Oh well, someday.

That day ended well so everything was well.


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