I am taking my walk, preparing to fly. Please, don't stop me from spreading my wings and from soaring up high.

And to my dear, dear brother, Happy Birthday!


A lot of artists nowadays are really becoming good in imitating foreign artists. Does this show that Filipinos are forgetting their culture? We have a rich culture. And we are Filipinos. The fact is that any Filipinos who have spend some years living in this place are still Filipinos no matter what their citizenships are now. Nakakahiya kayo kung kakalimutan ninyo ang sarili ninyong kultura.

And to those people who are asking what are the cultures are that are entirely are own, I feel sorry for them. And as for me, I vow to keep the culture alive. I will help in reliving the cultures and to live in it. I hope you would do it, too.


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