Strong Faith, Strong Parish

That's how most Lipenos described themselves. And last April 30, Lipa celebrated it 400th year of Christian faith, and 100th year of San Sebastian Cathedral/Lipa Parish. Our Archbishop asked every Lipenos to attend the mass last April 30 and we were requested to wear baro't saya just like old times. This was symbolizing how Lipenos faith to the church and to God (of course) remained strong throughout the years.

I felt honored because I witnessed this celebration. The next celebration would be 100 years from now. The Archbishop and other parish priests decided to have time capsule containing photos, letters for the future Archbishop to read.

A lot of people, well almost all people arrived wearing kimono, baro't saya. The rich wore pure satin/silk, middle-lower class wore simple baro't saya.

All of the present and past parish priests of Lipa went there. Most of the priests have stayed so long in Lipa and they played important role in the strengthening of our faith and I have to admit that I am really missing these people. I miss their messages and how they make me understand God and what He wants.

Saka na muna yung pics.


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