This is a new layout based on the design of mela. The colors are still the same. I have to admit that the whole layout is very simple but then, these are the colors I like. The picture shows a beach depicting summer. In just few days, summer will be over. Rainy days will be here. When you happen to stumble upon this site after walking through the flooded streets...hehe...I bet you would remember all the summers that you have and how you would love to get away from all the floods and rains that you would be experiencing.

So everyone, enjoy summer while it lasts.


How can Mark not be the right guy for me when he's the only one who can make me smile despite the hardest trials in my life?

How can he not be when he's who my heart loves?

Life has a peculiar way of making things look right. Mark and I are far apart yet we love each other so much. Hope fills us. It is enough to make us go on with life.

No hands to hold for now but I find my two hands clasped together in prayer that wherever he is, I'm praying he is always safe and that someday we'll be able to hold hands again. When that time comes, I know it will be for keeps.


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