Boys Over Flowers

Go Jun Pyo was successful in making me cry. He was effective. It's because of him that I got hooked on anything Korean.

I am now interested in the culture, language, clothes of Korea.


Russ said...

You know what Jassy? It was also a Korean-novela that got me super interested with Korea... food, country, culture, etc. But it wasn't because of Boys Over Flowers, it was because of Kim Sam Soon, the Korean version and not that of Regine Velasquez.Ü

Korea seems to be a really interesting place and I want to try all sorts of Korean Food. In fact, D & I are planning to visit Korea next year.

acey said...

hahaha. my kid sister loves k-pop and made me watch boys over flowers before it aired on philippine tv. they have such cute stories, no?

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