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Is this a sign? Then it's a bad sign. I did everything I could with the situation. But then I guess it was not enough.

I need to do something drastic.

This is obviously not a good day. I've been travelling the whole day. I have a lot to think of...my career and especially my health. The people around me are very unsupportive. But then who really loves me? I don't think they do.

I never really trust anyone easily. But when I do trust someone it's trust. But then my trust is always broken.

I told Mark about the account of his former girlfriend. I hated myself for doing that. I am really stupid, ain't I? But then, I just want to make sure that he really loves me and he's not living with the past. I am different from his ex-. I am the present. I just hope he will continue choosing me like I continue choosing him.

A lot of people don't approve with our relationship. But I've been analyzing our situation and I can't seem to find a mistake with our relationship. I mean, he's not married with anyone...yet (I'm hoping he will marry me...sooner). And he's really trying to establish himself so he could support me. He's not that good looking but he teaches me how to love. Life is sweet because of him.

But then, he's so far away and I am missing him.


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