all about memo

all about memo

How to get away with memorandums:

1. Chop the facts
- learn what's to be included and what's not
2. Don't get caught

Hmmmp!!! I really shouldn't bother explaining my side when I would still be getting a memo and to be included in 201 files with my big boss copy. At least my boss will know me...in a bad way.

But then, come to think of it, I like making incident reports...it's like I'm in highschool again...I get to exercise thinking of the right words for the right meaning...thesaurus in the computer is really a big help.

The thing is...I just hate what I'm doing ( and not doing at all ).

I'd rather have my own business and be my own boss.

This morning as I was going to my Aunt's place, I saw tall buildings and I thought, "That is where I want to work, have, manage!"

Mark, my Mahal, is nice to me. He already sent several personal messages even though I am still not replying. I don't have a load yet.

Love...I want to be in Dubai!!!


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