First Ever Cheat Day

How do you prefer to be called?
Call me Jas (Dyas), that’s the english version of my name.

A lot has happened today. Misadventures turned blessings. All the tension drove me to make this day a cheat day when it comes to my diet. How could I resist Mom and Tina’sBakery and Cafe when it was just within my reach. The Chicken spinach lasagna was just so good. I also tried their Pecan choco muffin and I could guess that they used Toblerone for the chocolate.

I also took the opportunity of roaming Glorietta since I was already in Makati. It had lots of sports shop but I was shy to ask how much a pedometer was and if they even had one. I also got curious with Sennheisser’s earphones. According to Nelson, it was a good brand for an earphone.

Sennheisser has quite an affordable product but I’m not sure how superb is the sound coming out of that earphone. I haven’t tried it yet. But maybe I’ll try one...too many earphones, too few players.


r u s s said...

Once in a while, a cheat day is good :)

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