Dream killer

How do you know that God loves you? How do you know that He's not out there to make you suffer? How do you know that He even care about you?

I know He's been good to me. But I just can't understand WHY...I just can't understand right now. I hope to understand WHY...and I hope that something GREAT will come out of this--something GREAT for me.

I'm not only a hero--I'm also a dreamer and I WANT that DREAM to come true because I deserve it.


richard said...

I don't know how to materialize dreams. I wish I did because I have so many of my own.

I have come to recognize where my principal failing lies - in not being assertive and pro-active enough.

In my mind (and in my soul), the world, the universe, life, unfolds in an orderly fashion. Why should I strain and struggle against life when, in time, my turn will come - my opportunities and chances will come?

I now wish (closest thing I have to regret in my life) that I had been more proactive; that I had pushed ahead and taken chances; that I did not wait and yield to others with more skill or experience.

My advice to you is to push forward, to take active steps towards your goals and dreams. It won't be easy. It will probably go against your fundamental perception of the universe, but you will feel better for each little achievement, for each little step. It doesn't have to be perfect - it just has to be.

Trust that if you are being honest and just and fair in your endeavours that God will meet you on your path.

I have to actively struggle every day to accomplish things, to move forward. It is not easy, but I am tired of waiting for everything to fall in place, I am tired of seeing other people gain recognition for things I too had dreamed of.

Don't think about huge goals and achievements, think about what you can do in 15 minutes or an hour. It is much easier to accomplish things when you break them down into small manageable pieces.

You also might have to rephrase goals. For me, spending an hour learning to draw sets up frustration and disappointment because my skill doesn't improve much in an hour. But ... if I set aside one hour to practice drawing, then I don't feel as frustrated by whatever incremental gain in skill I achieved.

Good luck and good perseverance (it is more important than you can imagine).

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