Day 5 Mouse Trick

This afternoon, I decided to encode my assignment for Monday. But the mouse on the computer I was about to use was missing. I put a different mouse but it did not work.

Luckily, I was able to guess the shortcut keys and I was able to print my assignment. Nice one=)


r u s s said...

Nice! Using shortcut keys are fine, most of the time this saves time.Ü Gosh, I suddenly remembered my college teacher, required in her class that we memorize the shortcut keys, without looking on keyboard pa dapat.

jassy said...

by accident ko lang nalaman yung mga yun...hehe=)

richard said...

I know very few keyboard shortcuts (well, the obvious ones Ctrl-C, V, X).

Way back when Wordstar was king, I was very proficient with all its shortcuts - then Word Perfect came along and everyone switched (except me, becaus eI didn't find it easy to use at all).

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