Day 6 The spice

The first noodle I bought was not delicious, but this one...finally. It was spicy. But it's okay. Now I know what it tasted like=)


richard said...

I always try to throw in some vegetables and maybe an egg when I cook it.

Do you ever have noodle sandwiches? I first heard about them on a Singaporean blog. Still haven't gotten around to trying it.

jassy said...

noodle sandwiches? this is the first time i've encountered that...is it really a sandwich made of noodles or noodles that is like a biscuit something...better check google=)

richard said...

Take a hot dog bun or hamburger bun and put some noodles between it.

Just google "noodle sandwich".

Here is a picture of one.

日月神教-任我行 said...

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