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I'm a carbohydrate lover and so it shouldn't be a surprise for me to be enticed by the "biko" (sticky rice cake) with "latik" that the local food stall was selling this morning.  I checked the web for the calories of this goodie and I was surprised that one slice is equivalent to 500+ Calories.  How could it be when 1 slice of biko without latik is just around 100 Calories?

Anyway, the latik added to the Calories.  But it is what makes a "biko" so good.  A "latik" is made up of coconut milk mixed with sugar.  If you know how to make syrup, then creating a more liquid "latik" should be easy.  For the recipe of "biko", check out this site.

For lunch, J and I went to the nearby mall and split a chicken sandwich in focacia bread with pesto mayo.  I also ordered my ever favorite iced tea.  Chicken Gone Wild by Naked Juice Bar is my favorite sandwich.  In fact, I eat this almost every dinner.
But today, I eat my Chicken Gone Wild Sandwich during lunch.  After work, I attended my graduate class and tried my very best to be awake.  I just had 4 hours of sleep because I really tried to finish the paper I was supposed to submit this afternoon.  I guess there are some things that we can't really cram.  That's a very good lesson learned.

Dinner, I could not resist chicken barbecue (sorry chicken's my favorite), rice, and a glass of iced tea.  I headed back to dorm satisfied.

Tomorrow, my goal is to eat one hard boiled egg, banana, and an apple. :)

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Gina; The Candid RD said...

mmm, I love sticky rice, and really all rice! I'm making wild rice at this moment, actually :) I also love chicken, like you. Who doesn't?! haha, a lot of people I guess.

Did you change your blog name? Wasn't it once "Crudely Healthy"?? I love your layout and design!

Wendy Irene said...

Your 4 hours of sleep really brings me back to when I was in school. Once a week I would basically get no sleep. Your blog looks beautiful! :)

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